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Welcome to the Gambling Metropolis guide section — your go-to page for expert online advice

This area of the website is your go-to page for any questions you have about gambling online. That goes for all the different sorts of games you can play on the web and includes sports betting too.

As well as answering your questions, it gives you loads of great information about different aspects of gaming — making you a better and wiser player, whatever your game of choice happens to be.

We’re proud of this part of the site as it’s such a great resource. It’s our way of sharing our expertise, helping you feel safe online and looking out for our players. You can think of it as your little online library and bookmark it so you can come back, again and again, to, say, brush up on the rules of poker or remind yourself how variances work in online slot games.


Table games

Sports betting

Be a well-informed player

We want you to be a well-informed player when you’re gambling and betting online. The whole point of these guides is to help you learn. We like each and every one of our gamers to really know their stuff. Why?

Because that way you’ll have more fun and won’t get caught out by anything you don’t fully understand. For example, the way odds work and the free bet deals that some companies offer.

There are literally hundreds of online casinos and bookmakers out there today, and they all offer something a little different; but when you understand how everything works, you’re able to make good judgements on what they present.

Some are very long-established companies that have been around since the early days of the internet. (In fact, some have been around even longer if you count the high-street bookies that then got into the online world.) Some are, in contrast, brand new and have a really fresh take on how to make gambling online more exciting. Whatever your preference, though, being a well-informed player lets you get the best out of your time online.

Be a responsible player

We also want to help you become a responsible player. As well as being well-informed, our goal is to make the Gambling Metropolis community feel really safe online. And we don’t want your gaming and betting to be anything but good fun.

In our guides, we explain how to set limits and suggest little things you can tweak to improve your personal experience. It’s not rocket science, but a change here and there can make all the difference.

In addition to our guides, if you scroll down, you’ll find links to GamCare and BeGamble Aware. These help everyone visiting our site, here at Gambling Metropolis, to understand how gambling online can affect your life and how to treat it with respect.


The casino guide section has everything you need to know about online casinos on one handy page. It covers all the basics, as well as the more advanced questions you may have. It’s all written as clear, easy-to-digest articles, too, so it won’t take you too long to read or get too heavy.

We look at how you should get started if you’re a beginner and how to progress your gaming if you’ve already got a lot of experience. We look at online slots and we dive into the welcome bonuses that all the companies offer — showing you the pros and cons. We also look at some of the concepts that are behind casinos, explaining the meaning of terms such as “house edge” and “volatility”.

Table Games

Our ultimate guide to online table games covers every part of your table game experience.

In this section of the guide, we explain which table games you’ll find online. We also get into the rules for each one. We cover Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Craps and the different types of Poker. There are also different articles on strategy. These are absolutely perfect if you’re a beginner. They’re also a really good source of inspiration if you’re a more knowledgeable player looking to try out a new approach.

Sports Betting

In the sports betting section, you can find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about online sports betting. The short articles you’ll see here break everything down nicely to help you understand how the sports betting world really works.

We look at some of the tips and tricks you can use when making your bets. We also check out the free wager offers that online bookmakers try to tempt you with and cover what you have to do as a customer to actually feel the benefit.

Other Games

Our other games section is where we cover games such as Bingo and Lottery. These are actually some of the most popular forms of gambling; however, they’re not always taken as seriously as, say, Poker or Blackjack.

Well, we want to change that! We get into the game rules and also look at the strategies you can use to enhance your experience—whether you’re a regular or only an occasional player.

So go ahead and explore our online guide. You’ll find that it’s split up in a straightforward way, with different types of online gambling in each of the different sections, and then short, quick-read articles in each section. And don’t forget to check back now and again for new online gambling insights from our experts here at Gambling Metropolis.

We hope that this guide gives you the know-how and the confidence to play in a safe and responsible way. Oh, and of course to win more!

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