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Payment Methods for Online Casinos

Advice for UK players: On 14th April 2024, the Gambling Commission will introduce a ban on credit card payments at UK-licensed casinos. This restriction also applies to payments via e-wallets and any other method which can be funded via credit card. Debit card payments will continue to be accepted. 

Hello and welcome to the payment methods section of our site! Put simply, this is where we look at everything to do with the financial transactions involved in your online gaming. Here, we’ll consider which payment methods are available at online casinos and which debit cards are popular. We’ll also look at cryptocurrencies and e-wallets. Then we’ll move on to the all-important question of safety when you’re making payments online. Finally, we’ll look at picking the best payment method, the matter of fees in iGaming and, perhaps most important of all, how the online casinos actually pay you when you win!

We like to set everything out in a clear way, here at Gambling Metropolis. The idea is that you can get crucial information fast and then make good decisions about your iGaming. iGaming is all about the fun of taking calculated risks, but payment methods are one area in which you really don’t want to be taking a gamble!
So, let’s get started by considering the payment methods that are now available….

What payment methods are available at online casinos?

As with so many aspects of modern life, there’s an overwhelming choice to consider here. It’s ironic, isn’t it, how when we have more and more options it sometimes makes life harder instead of easier? Well, we’re here to help you work it out.

The payment methods available vary from casino to casino. Some companies really pride themselves on offering customers lots of options whereas others prefer to stick with just a few. Typically, you’ll find the very widely accepted payment systems, such as Visa, wherever you look in the iGaming world. Then, there are other payment methods that aren’t quite so common. The best thing to do is check out our list that shows you which casinos accept which methods. Of course, you can always check the casino’s website, too; the casino support teams are there to help if you have any specific inquiries about payment methods.

Typically, for iGaming, you’ll find that there’s the debit card option such as Maestro, Mastercard and Visa, and the prepaid card option such as Paysafecard. The nice thing about prepaid cards is that you don’t have to have a bank account to use them. If you don’t like to use your bank account directly for online transactions then prepaid cards are a good alternative. Then, in addition to all of those options, you’ll find that some casinos also accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and e-wallets such as PayPal.

Can I use a credit card at an online casino?

As of 14th April 2024, UK players are not able to make credit card payments at online casinos. This new measure, introduced by the Gambling Commission, is designed to protect vulnerable players. When it comes to using debit cards however, the iGaming world is a lot like anywhere else these days—Visa and Mastercard are the big names, with Maestro also being a popular option. The thing to remember is that the most popular method isn’t always the best one for you. It’s good to figure out what your particular requirements are and go from there. We’ll get into how to pick the best method in a bit more detail later on.

What are the most popular cryptocurrencies used at casinos?

Cryptocurrencies are still something that a lot of gamers aren’t all that familiar with just yet. We’re simply not as accustomed to using them as we are to using good old pounds, dollars or euros. However, cryptocurrencies are, nonetheless, growing in popularity. Since iGaming is a very forward-thinking sort of activity and industry—always keen to incorporate the latest tech to enhance the gaming experience—it pairs up very well with cryptocurrencies.

Nearly everyone has heard of Bitcoin and this is indeed one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Litecoin and Ethereum are also popular for online casinos. If you’d like to use cryptocurrencies, it’s a good idea to read up on them so you understand how they work, that way you can use them with confidence and leave your mind free to focus on the gaming itself.

Which are the most popular e-wallets at online casinos?

E-wallets are a fantastic tool and they are generally very simple to use. Not only that but they have the added advantage of bringing an extra degree of security to any online financial transaction that you make. (That means activities such as online shopping are safer too, not just depositing and withdrawing funds when you’re gaming). PayPal is always a very popular e-wallet option, along with Skrill. And, of course, there’s Neteller.

All online casinos will offer a slightly different range of e-wallet options. This means that if you already have an e-wallet then you should look for casinos that will cater for your existing set-up. Then again, if you don’t have an e-wallet yet but would like to get one then you can approach this the other way round: choose an online casino that you like the look of and then set up an e-wallet with one of the companies that they accept.

Are online casino payments safe?

This is a really important question for anyone to consider who is just getting into iGaming, or, as a matter of fact, for those already quite experienced with online casinos. The matter of safety when you’re online is crucial because one of the unfortunate aspects of the internet that we all have to watch out for is fraud and identity theft.

Online casino payments are safe is you use approved casinos and approved payment methods. Our list of recommended casinos can guide you here. Bear in mind that payment system companies take security seriously and build special measures into the way they operate to help fight crime. The special three-digit code on the back of a Visa card is a great example of this kind of concern over customer security.

Remember, too, that as an online gamer you should follow all the classic advice on internet security and online banking safety. If you sign up to become a member of an online casino, then make sure you create a strong password using both numbers and letters. It’s always a good plan to have separate passwords for your different accounts too. This way, if someone does ever manage to get hold of the password for, say, your email account, then they won’t also have access to the rest of your online life, such as your bank account, your casino memberships and your social media accounts.

How to pick the best casino payment method?

OK, now we get to the action! Here at Gambling Metropolis, we have a good technique for helping online gamers to choose the best casino payment method; it’s all about working out your particular requirements as a gamer.

Start off by thinking about how you like to play and what your individual gaming style is. Ask yourself some key questions. Do you like the slots or do you prefer poker? Do you like to play a little bit of everything? Do you like to spend a lot or spend a little? Figure these things out first and make a little list. Once you’ve got your list you can look at all the different payment options and identify which one matches your requirements most closely. Whichever one matches best is the best casino payment method for you.

Alternatively, you might create your list and find that what you really value most, as a player, is a payment system that is good for online casinos but that also has benefits that go beyond iGaming. In other words, what you want is a method of payment that is generally useful, both for gaming and for everyday life. In this case, an e-wallet such as PayPal might very well be your best casino payment method. Remember that it’s a personal choice and that there isn’t an overall best. It’s all about you—the individual gamer.

Are there any fees when making online casino payments?

The short answer is yes, there can sometimes be fees when making online casino payments; it all depends on your payment method. Some e-wallets have transaction fees and some card companies do as well. It’s always worth checking out the details beforehand so you’re not caught out—there’s nothing more annoying than receiving a charge that you weren’t expecting, even if it’s only a small one.

Our guides can help you here, and if you still can’t find the information you’re looking for then the thing to do is to check out the small print on the casino website. Alternatively, you can always phone the casino’s support team or drop them an email. Many also have an online chat service now for just this kind of question.

Are there any fees when requesting a withdrawal?

As with making payments, there can sometimes be fees when making withdrawals. Be aware that it’s not the casino that charges you—it’s the payment service itself. After all, these companies are in business and have to make their money somehow. Having this said, you shouldn’t let a small fee detract from the pleasure of winning money at the casino. Remember that you do get a lot of convenience and security from a trusted online payment service. Just imagine the alternative—all the inconvenience and risk of trying to send cash back and forth in the post on a regular basis!

How do online casinos pay you?

Great question! Online casinos pay you using whatever method you select from their payment options. There’s a big choice here and more often than not, you’ll want to use the same method for receiving withdrawals that you used to make your deposit in the first place. However, there’s actually no obligation to do this. You might prefer to use a totally different method to withdraw. In fact, in some cases, such as with Euteller, it’s not generally possible to make a withdrawal—this service is nearly always used just for making a deposit.

Remember that the time casinos take to pay you once you’ve requested a withdrawal can vary as well. Some online casinos actually pride themselves on the speed of their payments to gamers; they see it as a really important part of the service and make it a USP of their brand. At the other end of the scale, some online casinos choose to focus on other aspects of the customer experience. They just take it as a given that customer payments are not immediate. In these cases, you could wait a day or two for the money to actually get into your account. If a speedy payment service is a priority for you then this would be something to consider when you’re choosing both your online casino and your payment method. As mentioned above, each gamer is unique and we all have different preferences.

So that concludes this look at payment methods. We’ve covered the various ways you can pay at online casinos, the popular debit cards and the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. We’ve considered e-wallets and the safety of online payments. We’ve gone over the technique you can use to pick the best casino payment method for you and we’ve rounded it all off by looking at fees and collecting your winnings.

Now you might like to go one step further and look at our guides to the specific payment methods. They’re all set out in the same way as each other for ease of comparison. This means that you can go from the article on Visa to the article on Skrill to the article on Euteller and get a clear picture of them all relative to one another.

Once you’ve chosen a payment method, all the fun of gaming at the online casino can begin. So don’t hang around! Get reading, make your choice and for that moment when you’re ready to begin, we wish you good luck in all your future gaming, from the team here at Gambling Metropolis!

Casino Payments FAQ

What type of payment do online casinos accept?

Online casinos accept multiple payment methods and the player is free to choose which method suits them best. Popular options include debit cards (Visa, Maestro and Mastercard) bank transfers, e-wallets (Skrill, Neteller and ecoPayz) and other methods like Paysafecard, PayPal and so on. A growing number of casinos accept Bitcoin transactions. Casinos will display their accepted deposit and withdrawal methods in their terms and conditions document.

Which banking details does an online casino need?

For most money transfers, an online casino will request your user information for your chosen payment method. This might be the Visa account number, your e-wallet credentials or your bank account number when requesting a bank transfer. Casinos may request proof that you are the true owner of the payment account. Get in touch with player support to find out how you can send this information.

Can I pay with a debit card at an online casino?

Yes, debit card payments are usually the most convenient and popular option. You can use your Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Mastercard Debit or Maestro card at most UK online casinos. NB. UK players can no longer make payments with credit cards at UK casinos. 

How can I receive my withdrawal from an online casino?

Casinos let players decide which withdrawal method is right for them, often giving a choice between several methods. You can choose which payment method you like best and have your withdrawal processed that way. There can be restrictions on changing payment methods, with some casinos stipulating that players must use the same method for deposits and withdrawals. These limitations can be found in the terms and conditions.
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