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    As of 14th April 2024, UK players may only make payments via MasterCard Debit, not MasterCard Credit.

    Mastercard is one of the most well-known and reliable debit cards that is accepted all over the world. Established over 50 years ago as Interbank, in 1969 it rebranded to Master Charge until 1979 when it started using the brand name Mastercard. Also, of note to mobile casino players, Mastercard teamed up with the mighty Apple Corp in 2014 to introduce and include a brand new mobile eWallet feature into all Apple iPhones. This innovative function allows you to quickly and readily use your Mastercard via mobile, which means you can deposit via your mobile device.

    Today, Mastercard provides round the clock money transfers and payment services to millions of people worldwide. In the UK, players are only able to use their Mastercard debit to make payments at online casinos. The debit card is accepted at most online casinos, websites and online merchants, making it a favorite choice for many casino players. Mastercard was created in 1966 to compete with Visa, and thousands of online casinos and sports betting sites allow members to deposit using MasterCard debit cards. However, not all of them enable withdrawals with Mastercard. Nevertheless, the method remains a popular choice.

    The wide availability of Mastercard at online casinos means that it’s a bit harder to find the best ones. That adds more value to the Mastercard casinos we recommend here at Gambling Metropolis, which have all been vetted and tested to ensure you really do get the best. So why do many players choose Mastercard? For a start, it is convenient to use and widely accepted. It provides a high level of internet security. Mastercard has become one of the top methods to transfer funds to and from an online casino, and its many benefits and features mean it will continue to be a mainstay at online casinos everywhere. So why not try it out at one of our recommended, best Mastercard casinos?

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