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Tips and tricks to beat the bookies

Tips and tricks to beat the bookies

It’s every gambler’s dream to beat the bookie and win a high payout. Gambling can be fun if you don’t set your expectations too high, yet narrowing the odds and beating the bookie are most welcome. Is it really possible to beat the bookie? Well, yes, it is. You need to become every bookie’s worst nightmare and mould yourself into an effective gambler. Distance yourself from emotions and never back your own team. You need to fish around for the best deals and odds to get the best value for money.

You need to consider the best time, best price and best market. You need to get to know your sports inside out. Gambling can be a challenging, yet rewarding pastime. Knowing and understanding the odds is crucial. Using every tip and trick in the book gives you an edge and improves your chances of a winning payout.

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Just like everything in life, you have to work at something to be successful, and gambling is no different. So, knowing your sport, understanding the odds and payouts are the best tips you can receive. Of course, there are several other tips and tricks you can use to fool the bookie, and we have listed them here at Gambling Metropolis.

How can you keep yourself informed?

Betting on football doesn’t just mean placing a wager on the top team in the league. Understanding the defensive and attacking frailties and strengths will help you back a winner. The same goes for any sport really. Following the participants over a more extended period will help you decide whether to back him/her or not. Keeping tabs on your team or player should become second nature and these details will keep you fully informed so your betting will be prepared better to spot good-value markets.

Why is less is more?

Although it may seem obvious and common sense, you stand more chance of winning with fewer selections. Placing multiple bets stretches you out, decreases your overall winning chances and can even be confusing. Think small to win big! One to four picks is plenty, and steer clear from massive selection bets. Bookies lose money on singles, so if you do your research properly, placing low bets of say, £5 or £10 on one to three selections should provide a reasonable return. An age-old tip for sports betting is to make fewer picks, not more, especially after a losing streak.

When things aren’t going that well, the best thing you can do is slow down, and choose fewer bet options. Otherwise, you may compound your minimal loss into a major one. The more you chase your losses, the higher the drain on your bankroll as you attempt to recoup your initial loss. You should focus on making fewer, yet smarter and finer choices, and that’s really the key to being a successful gambler.

You should stick to just three of your best selections if you usually make nine or ten, that way your bankroll will last longer, and your best betting picks still put you in with a good chance of winning. If you are enjoying a winning streak, then go ahead and ride it; however, be warned that it can’t go on forever.

Why shouldn’t I back the top team?

The top team doesn’t always win, yet there will always be punters who bet heavily on the top team in a league, and these are the ones that generally lose. A lot can happen in a season, and bookies don’t always take everything into consideration when creating the odds. Which brings us back to the previous statement about knowing your team. The more research you do, the higher the chances of backing a winner.

Why shouldn’t I bet on my favourite team?

Bookies love it when fans blindly bet on their own teams. The same goes for important events like derby games. The unpredictable element is magnified too much, and there is much more at stake. Underdog teams can elevate themselves for the occasion for a giant-killing feat. Betting with your heart is not the best way to win. You need to distance yourself from the team and analyze their performance without emotions.

You have two choices here. Bet on your favourite team and be a loyal fan, or bet on the best team and be a winner! If the best team also happens to your favourite team, that’s just a bonus!

Should I bet on the underdog home team?

Home underdogs will generally have the edge over visiting teams, and they also have something to prove by winning on home ground. Betting on the home underdog can be quite profitable, as they can provide huge upsets and surprises against higher placed opponents.

The home team has far better and more numerous support than visiting teams, and some managers even refer to the home crowd as the twelfth football player! When the home underdog is not overmatched by a superior opponent, it might pay off handsomely to bet on the underdog. The odds can be favourable, and you have a great chance to boost your bankroll.

Is Sports Betting predictable?

When it comes to sports betting, the outcome is much harder to predict due to the unpredictability of the games. Many factors can influence a result, and the top seed doesn’t always triumph. Odds differ from one bookie to another, so checking out the odds is a bit like shopping, you have to look around for the best deal. Although being loyal to one provider leads to benefits, if the odds are much worse than the competition, you need to move on.

The best bets to watch out for and compare odds include the first player who scores a goal during a football match, or if a specific player scores twice, and you can bet on the exact final score, or just win, lose, or draw.

Why you need to find reasons against your choice of bets

Generally speaking, people tend to look for reasons to back their bet selections. By being a smarter sports bettor, you should look for reasons not to back your choice. For instance, if the most influential players of a leading team are injured, or suspended from an important game, backing them doesn’t seem like such a sure outcome, whatever the odds. By applying the basic strategy of listing the points against, alongside the points in favour, you will come up with a clearer picture of events and avoid optimism bias.

Why is a three-year analysis better than one?

To have the best chance of choosing a winning team, forget a one-year analysis. It isn’t nearly enough. To really identify the next team, you need to analyze the results over a three-year period, which will give you a more accurate idea about the team’s potential. Were they consistent over a long period of time? Do they have any influential new additions to the team, or did they lose any key players? Were there any valid reasons for the team losses, and if there was a dip in form, why?

With results readily available online, it shouldn’t take you long to check the last three year’s results of a team. You will have a clearer picture of the team you intend backing, and you can even compare their performances and results with their opponents.

What other tips & tricks can I use?

Another tip is to try less obvious markets. You can usually find good prices if you look well enough and once you’ve done some research, you should be able to identify better value offers out of the hundreds that bookies generally provide.

Bookies offer more and more markets and sports as they endlessly expand their list of betting options of sports and markets they cover. Don’t let high prices put you off and don’t be afraid to win too much either. The high odds might just pay off and help you finally beat the bookie!

How can you beat the Bookie?

You will need all of the help you can get to beat the bookie. Any tip or trick you can think of is fair game as long as it is legal. One obvious tip that is often ignored is to choose games with better odds at a casino, yet the unpredictability of sports and team games means its much harder to increase your odds.

The best bet you have of winning is to be patient and research your team, or player extensively. This will provide you with a much deeper understanding of the team’s capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.

The three-year analyses of a team’s performance, along with external factors that could influence the team, such as loss of critical players, home advantage and recent form is a golden tip that could lead to golden winnings!

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