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What is the house edge in online casinos?

What is the house edge in online casinos?

Also known as the house advantage, the house edge plays a pivotal role in both casino games and the way online casinos function. Even though casino game rules vary from one game to another, there is one principle that applies to all of them: the house edge.

Whether you are playing online slots or table games such as blackjack and roulette, you are essentially betting and playing against the casino (sometimes known as the house). When you make a bet and lose it, the casino wins your bet and takes the winnings. When you win a bet, the casino pays out.

How does the house edge work?

Casino games are games of chance, meaning that when you play any casino game, it is based on luck. Granted there are some casino games such as poker, where there is an element of skill involved, but luck is ultimately what determines whether you win or lose based on the cards handed out to you.

The main aim of the house edge is to make sure that the casino makes money from each and every bet you place at the casino. Even though the house does not always win, the odds are usually in its favour and a small percentage of your bet is usually retained by the casino. Click the link here if you want to read an in depth article about the best odds in casinos.

The mathematics behind the house edge

The casino makes sure that every bet you place is profitable. Although it will still lose a few pounds every now and again, casino games have been built with the aim of making the casino a neat profit.

Let us put it into an example for betting understanding. Let’s pretend you are playing a game of roulette and you are placing a bet on either red or black. We are going to highlight now how the house edge plays out in this game.

If you are playing a game of European roulette, there are 37 slots on the roulette wheel, including a zero. There are 37 possible outcomes, where you can expect to hit one number on average: 18 times on red, 18 times on black and one on the green zero. Logically that is how it would work, but in reality, this obviously doesn’t work each and every time.

Now let us imagine you are placing 37 bets of £1 each, making a total bet amount of £37. Based on the average we have just explained, you have a chance to win 18 times when hitting red, expecting £36 in return while the remaining 18 bets would lose. Out of £37, you are expected to make £36 back, with a house edge of 2.7%.

Let us now imagine you are playing American Roulette, where the wheel has two zeroes. If you follow the same previous example, you are expected to make £36 out of £38, but the house edge here is a whopping 5.26%. Regardless of the casino game you are playing, the casino is always expected to make some money from your bets.

Can I lower the house edge somehow?

There are always ways to lower the house edge, but you need to be aware that in the long term, the house edge will always get to you. If you take advantage of online casino bonus offers, promotions and other regular offers on casinos, you can lower the house edge slightly.

There are plenty of reasons why taking advantage of such offers can be beneficial for you. Whether you are signing up for a cash bonus or perhaps free spins, this is something extra on top of what you have deposited.

Also, we should also stress that the house edge is a way for the casino to make money but it does not necessarily mean that you will lose all the time. There are some gamblers who actually succeed in making a profit every now and again. Throw in bonuses and promotions into the mix, and this gives you plenty more opportunities to strike it lucky.

Can I outsmart the house?

Not really. Since most games are games of luck, there is no way of knowing whether you will win your next bet since it is all luck-based. As already mentioned, even with games such as blackjack, making one choice over another makes a difference to the house edge.

It is of crucial importance that you have a bankroll strategy as well as a gaming strategy before you sit down to play.

If you try to salvage your bankroll as much as possible and make wise decisions when it comes to reducing the house edge, it will prolong your gaming time as much as possible.

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