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Gambling mistakes you shouldn’t be making

Gambling mistakes you shouldn’t be making

Since casino games are mostly games of luck, you will be forgiven for assuming as there not being room for mistakes. After all, the casino has the upper hand overall when it comes to the house edge. However, there are tips and tricks, and most importantly mistakes, you can avoid in order to tilt slightly the house edge to your favour.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this article is not for you, just because you are an experienced gambler, as both experienced and beginners can learn a few tricks so as not to lose money on silly mistakes.

So, sit down, have a cup of tea, and read this article that highlights the top gambling mistakes you should definitely be avoiding.

Error #1: Overspending & not having a bankroll

We stress this repeatedly but not having a bankroll or a money management strategy prior to sitting down to gamble, is a spell for disaster. Not only is there a big chance that you will overspend or chase your losses, but not having a loss limit, can create problems both in the short and long term. Whether you are a low or a high roller, you should have a limit in place that matches what you can afford to lose.

It is for this very reason that it is wise, to create a budget with a daily win and loss limit. This way, you have control over the situation and when you hit either limits, you can happily walk away. If, however, you don’t have a bankroll and end up overspending, you are at high risk of ending your day feeling guilty.

Having both a win and a loss limit can be beneficial in a multitude of ways. Let’s give you an example. If a player wins a lump sum of money, he/she will feel over-confident, and more likely to gamble it all away thinking they will strike it lucky and win more money. Thus, having a win limit will protect any money won, by encouraging you to call it quits for your benefit.

Besides having these limits, it is also important to have a betting budget for a different purpose. When we’re not playing, we also have bills to pay, including house loans, rent and utilities. Having a set budget will make it easy not to gamble away all your hard cash. If you do, you should see this as a warning sign of gambling addiction. It is of crucial importance, that you understand that gambling comes with risks and there are never any guarantees that you will win money. In fact, the casino is bound to make money in the long run.

If you find yourself asking family members and friends for money, it is time to stop. Ask for help from family and friends.  Not only will you be losing out on money, but you are in the grips of serious gambling addictions.

Error #2: Being under the influence of alcohol

We have all made bad decisions under the influence of alcohol. Yes, it will make you feel confident, albeit temporarily, but in no way, does it mean that it will help you make good decisions. If anything, you’re bound to gamble carelessly and not put too much thought into your actions. It is never a good idea to drink alcohol when playing casino games. Even if you are at a brick and mortar casino, never accept any alcoholic drinks. You need to focus on the game at hand and at making the right decisions.

In order for you to give the casino game your full attention, you should put a ban on alcohol, chatting with players or dealers as well as eating. If you need to eat, make sure you eat before sitting down for a gambling session.

Additionally, playing while you are tired is also a red flag. There is a concept, better known as decision fatigue, which is the outcome of making several decisions in a row, which leads to increasingly less great decisions as you go along.  It is obvious that a casino benefits from your fatigue, as you are bound to keep on making one bad decision after another, thus losing more money.

In fact, it is wise that when you are playing casino games, you find the time for regular breaks. Just take regular breaks and relax. During this time, watch what other players are doing or just shut down from the game completely

Error #3: Errors when it comes to casino promotions

  • Not paying attention to offers & promotions: You don’t have to snap up every offer that comes your way but do go through them to see if they will benefit you or not. If you end up passing every promotion, there is a good chance of you bypassing free spins offers and generous bonuses.
  • Signing up to questionable casinos: Just because a specific casino has a fantastic bonus offer, it does not mean that it is safe and secure for you to trust them with your personal and financial information. Do your research and remember that if it’s listed on greenbet, you can rest assured that is it trustworthy.
  • If the casino is not up your alley: If you love playing table games, but the casino you have signed up to, does not offer them, why waste your time opening an account, sharing your personal information and making a deposit.
  • Not reading the terms: Oh, this one’s a biggie. If you snap up a casino bonus and don’t read the terms and conditions, you’re in for potentially an upsetting time. Imagine if the bonus has very high wagering requirements, and your aim is to cash out. You’re in for a tough time once you realise your bonus is not cashable.

Error #4: Errors when it comes to gaming

There are plenty of ways to err when it comes to gaming and gaming strategies, so we will narrow it down to the very worse ones.

  • Side bets in most table games: Like taking out insurance in a game of online blackjack, the odds never justify the bet and you are highly likely going to lose the bets.
  • Placing a bet on the tie-in Baccarat: The percentages speak for themselves. The house edge on a tie bet stands at a massive 14.25% so you are also highly likely to lose this bet.
  • Playing American over European Roulette: Since the game of American Roulette has an extra slot, the house edge is going to be higher. While it stands at 2.63% in European Roulette, in the American counterpart it stands at 5.26%.

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