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Do betting systems in gambling really work?

Do betting systems in gambling really work?

Having a system is always better than not having one at all, and especially so with gambling. Every gambler wants to win, whether playing online or at a brick and mortar casino. Winning is the ultimate aim, and what makes it all worthwhile in the end. Players and gamblers will go to any lengths to win, and as long as its legal and above board, it’s fair game.

Betting systems and counting cards are vital skills and bring you closer to a win. Most betting systems decrease or increase the bets as the game progresses. Betting systems which aim to beat the house are not new and have existed in some form or other since the birth of casinos.

Although not much solid proof exists as to how effective they are, players still believe they work, and each betting system has its own merits. With the above in mind, casinos try everything to stay secure and one step ahead of players.

Which factors should I keep in mind?

Before setting out on a gambling spree, whether using a betting system or not, keep in mind casino games are random, and sports betting is unpredictable. Casino games always have a house edge. That’s how they make their money, and it forms part of the fabric each game.

The trick is to choose a casino game with a low house edge. A good strategy and betting system with casino games, especially slot machines, is to play for an extended period to allow the RTP percentage to work. Most slots have a high percentage to player rates of over 95%, which means over time you will at least get 95% of your outlay back. So if you find yourself on a losing streak, it’s only a matter of time before the tables turn and wins start to come your way. With online slots, there are so many factors assuring the outcome of a spin is entirely random, there is no way to trick a casino game, whether online or land-based, as there is no memory factor involved.

Remember Luck is Random & Sports is Unpredictable

When using any betting system, just remember that luck is random! While believing in a betting system does create comfort, do not fool yourself into believing the system will work 100%. It helps to have a system and keep track of the game, but it’s more important to be wise and know when and how much to bet, rather than relying on blind luck.

With sports, no such betting system exists as professional sport is hugely unpredictable. Factors such as injuries to players, a run of bad luck, loss of form, or disadvantage of playing away from home in front of a hostile crowd can influence results. The look of frustrated faces on match day is a testament to that.

Which Casino Betting Systems are the most popular?

Most casino betting systems use one of two approaches; progressive, and negative progressive systems. A negative progression suggests increasing your bets after a loss, while with a positive, you place an increased stake right after a win. The two most popular betting systems are the Martingale System, and the Fibonacci System. Both systems can be effective, yet you need to spend time on them for the systems to take effect.

What is the Martingale Proposition?

Everyone experiences a losing streak at some time or other, and the progressive betting system known as the Martingale Proposition advocates turning a losing run into a winning streak that will unlock greater profits. The system can be used in any betting market, and every bet needs to be made at Odds of Evens.

Once you decide the exact amount of your bet, you need to apply it consistently with each and every subsequent wager. You double up with each stake, and the system suggests you will eventually turn the tables and win. For instance, if you lose your initial wager of £5, you increase the next bet to £10. If you lose that bet, the next increases to £15. If the fourth bet loses, you up the following bet to £20, and continue in this manner until you win. Ultimately, you will end up doubling your wager and recouping your investment with a 100% profit, whether betting just £5, or £500.

The Martingale Progression is the most popular betting system in use primarily as it manages losses and eventfully guarantees a win. Betting at Evens is crucial, and enables you to calculate winnings accurately. The disadvantage is that you need a good bankroll for the first few losses until they underwrite your eventual win. The progressive betting sequence can also be used on a winning streak; however, your maximum winnings should be capped at a certain level.

What is the Fibonacci System?

The Fibonacci System is another well-known and often applied betting system. It follows a pretty straightforward mathematical equation that works somewhat similarly to the Martingale System, and it is claimed to guarantee long-term betting success. A chain of bets is placed which ultimately leads to profits using a simple formula which is N3 = N1 + N2.

The sum of your first two bets are added together for the third, and you should bet on betting selections where the odds are 1.6/1, or higher. That will ensure you are a winner if you continue the process for long enough. As an example, the first two bets are £10, and £20. The third subsequently amounts to £30. The fourth bet ups the stake to £20, plus £30, totaling £50. The fifth bet comes up to £80 and includes £30, plus the sum of the previous two bets which is £50.

Implementing the Fibonacci System betting level stakes will eventually guarantee a profit when you finally pick a winning bet selection. There are a few drawbacks to watch out for when adopting the Fibonacci System. Primarily, you will need a substantial bankroll, and be prepared to endure a lengthy losing streak in order to secure your eventual win. The success of the betting system depends on the ability to keep betting through a losing streak until you finally break the barrier and win back your losses, plus interest.

Should I bet on red?

Although betting on red isn’t an official betting system, many people seem to believe in it. Red seems to be a lucky colour for many, betting on red motor racing cars, red teams, red on the roulette table, and red cards. The colour red does seem to be dominant in sports and gambling, however, it provides no ‘extra’ luck, and it is purely imaginary that the colour possesses special luck. You have little chance of winning by backing a sports team just because of its colour!

Should I update my betting selections?

If you stick rigidly to your usual bet selections and don’t change them as the odds change you are setting yourself right up for failure. Markets and odds change to account for external influences. Always update your selections and if you find a winning system, keep it to yourself. Besides keeping it a secret, you need to make your system your best friend.

Learn and get to know everything about it, understand how it performs during different times if the season. Check your results every day, and make yourself aware of the slightest changes. At the end of the day, your system is a trend, and trends can be followed so your betting system’s advantages won’t last forever.

The odds will finally change against you as they always do in the end, so you will have to understand your system deeply enough to be able to accept and move with that change.

What are the downsides of using betting systems, and how can I overcome them?

Chasing losses is always a nerve-wracking experience, and you will need persistence and resilience. You will have to overcome the mental stress of suffering losses for a while, keep your nerve and wait it out till the winning moment comes along. Be prepared to lose hundreds, to win thousands later. You will have to be prepared to invest your money and wait until fruition of the system. Be careful using progressive betting systems with high-stakes games unless you are a millionaire.

All the betting systems mentioned here are based on probability in one way or another and do not necessarily take the unpredictability of professional sports into consideration. Betting systems work more effectively with card and dice games, along with games of luck. Sticking to more sensible and straightforward bets like level stakes, singles or smaller multiples will ensure you don’t break the bank.

Moreover, the research you do before using any betting system or placing any bets is the key to successful long-term gambling profits.

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