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Learn How to play online blackjack
Poker glossary: The complete guide to poker terminology

Poker glossary: The complete guide to poker terminology

One of most loved table games around the world, the game of online poker has plenty of players squealing with delight. Whether you are a complete newbie to the game, or else an experienced player who needs a brush up on poker terms, the lovely folks at greenbet have compiled an extensive list of poker terms to help you out whilst playing.

If you are looking for strategies and tips on how to play the game of online poker, keep coming back to greenbet as we will provide you with handy tips and advice.

Glossary of poker terms

Ante: The initial bet that all players sitting at the poker table must place before cards are dealt out when playing poker online or offline.

All-in: A bet that includes all the player’s chips into the pot.

Backdoor: Hitting the essential cards on the turn and the river to complete the hand required.

Bad Beat: When a poker player who is in the lead loses after the flop, turn or river.

Big Blind: The sum of chips that the second player to the left of the dealer must wager.

Blind: When a player is either a small or a big blind, then they are either sitting to the left of the dealer button (small blind) or else farther left (big blind).

Board: When a player combines community cards with the pocket cards to create the best hand.

Burn: The act of getting rid of the top card before the beginning of a betting round.

Button: The position of the dealer.

Buy-In: The participation fee in a tournament.

Call: To throw in the lowest possible amount of money to the pot in a bid to stay in the game.

Check: Pass the chance of betting.

Check-Raise: Checking when it’s your turn to bet and later raise a bet in the same round.

Cold Call: To call two+ wagers upon one’s turn.

Connector: Consecutive pocket cards such as 5 of clubs and 6 of hearts.

Community Cards: The cards presented face up on the table.

Cut Off: The position on the right-hand side of the button.

Dealer Button: The button demonstrating who the dealer is and which is passed clockwise following each hand.

Draw: Remaining in the game in a bid to improve one’s hand.

Draw Out: A card that turns your losing hand into a winning one.

Drawing Dead: When a player draws a card even though there’s no chance of achieving a winning hand.

Flop: The three community cards dealt after the first betting round has been completed.

Flush: Five cards of the same suit.

Fold: Surrendering by placing cards face down.

Four of a Kind: Four cards of the same rank.

Full House: Three of a kind + a pair.

Hand: Five cards made up of the player’s pocket cards and community cards.

Heads-Up: Playing against one other player in a poker tournament.

Kicker: Having an identical hand as another player at showdown.

Limit: When bets and raises are paused at a fixed amount.

Limp:  Call.

Muck: Discarded cards in a hand.

No-Limit: A poker game whereby players can bet their stack without thresholds.

Nuts: The best possible poker hand.

Off-Suit: A hand made up of poker cards of various suits.

Open-Ended: A straight completed by one of two possible cards.

Out: A card that will improve your hand.

Over-Cards: Having cards in hand that are higher than the board cards.

Pair: Two cards of the same rank.

Pocket Cards: The cards a player has in hand that aren’t community cards.

Pot-Limit: When bets and raises are covered by the current pot size.

Quads: Four of a kind.

Rainbow: A flop, whereby there are no two cards of the same suit.

Rake: The sum the house extracts from a poker hand.

River: The last of the five community cards.

Raise: To wager more than the minimum required.

Royal Flush: An ace to high straight flush.

Semi-Bluff: A bluff with a poker hand that has the potential to develop into an actual bluff.

Set: A pocket pair that produces three of a kind.

Showdown: Revealing your hands after the final round of betting.

Side Pot: A separate pot from the main pot. Extra money bets by players who don’t go all-in is accumulated for the side pot.

Sit ‘n Go: A poker tournament with a set number of pre-registered participants.

Slow Play: When a player plays less aggressively with the aim of having opponents stay in the game.

Small Blind: The seat to the left of the dealer button. The Small Blind is the lesser of the two blind bets.

Split Pot: When two or more poker players produce the same hand and the pot is split between them.

Straight: A hand of 5 cards in sequence but not in suit.

Straight Flush: A hand of 5 cards in sequence and of the same suit.

Tilt: When a player loses many successive games.

Time: A request for more time to contemplate the next move.

Top Pair: A pair with the highest card on the board.

Trips: Three of a kind.

Turn: The fourth community card also known as the “Fourth Street”.

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