UK Online Gambling Totals £4.46bn for 12 Months up to September 2016

UK Online Gambling Totals £4.46bn for 12 Months up to September 2016
29.05.2017 • by Danny H

UK Online Gambling Totals £4.46bn for 12 Months up to September 2016

Recent figures released by the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission show that online betting and wagering for the 12 months from October 2015 to September 2016 was the biggest revenue earner for the country. Not only that, but it is internet casinos and the quality entertainment on offer at these websites that are the biggest draw – proving once again that slots and table games are the very best.

Gambling Online in the UK Continues its Domination at the Top

When analysing the UKGC’s document, it is apparent that a total of £4.46bn was spent during the aforementioned time period on all forms of online gambling. What’s more, this is only taking licensed operators into consideration, with the complete remote betting amount thought to reach £4.8bn.

Online casino took the lion’s share with half the total revenue at £2.4bn, a truly astronomical stat when you consider all the sportsbook, poker and other betting that happens online within the UK.

Speaking of sport, last summer’s Euro 2016 football tournament was a huge hit with UK bookmakers such as Betfair and Betfred, propelling the final figure up 10% up £1.7bn.

Bingo, pools betting and the National Lottery also contributed to the final total, but it’s clear that playing casino with no risk only spurs UK punters on to spin those reels with real money in search of the big prizes!

However, Land-Based Casinos Recorded a Rise of 19%

While we’re all about the internet casino lifestyle here at Gambling Metropolis, the UK Gambling Commission’s summary did show that brick-and-mortar casinos had managed to raise their revenue by a whopping 19% to £1.19bn.

Table games were the most profitable, they said (just under £1bn), with punto banco baccarat singled out specifically for a spectacular performance. Credit where credit’s due, but we still think online casino gambling is the way forward for most.

Almost Half of the UK’s Adult Population Has an Active Account

We’ll finish with a truly staggering figure that really knocked our socks off – the UK registered 28.4 million new player’s accounts in this 12-month period. That’s more than half the suggested 50 million adult population of the country, with 21.4 million accounts said to be active.

As there is no major sporting event to be held this summer, it looks as though punters are going to have to find alternative markets for their entertainment. One incoming avenue is the 2017 UK General Election, with many predictions suggesting that this could be the most lucrative political market on record once the dust has settled.

Furthermore, Gambling Metropolis now displays the most profitable jackpots to play towards the end of every month, allowing players to shoot for the stars.

Although the second quarter of 2017 is coming towards its close, we feel the iGaming world is just getting started.

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