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Playing slots online for real money

Online casino slots are a hugely popular pastime for online gamblers. The casino industry is aware of the popularity of this format and so many game developers dedicated a lot of time, energy and resources into designing new and exciting slot games for players to enjoy.

Choosing a slot game

For a new player, the variety and range of casino slots can be daunting. There are thousands of titles to choose from, created by dozens of different game providers and hosted by innumerable online casinos. Where should you start?

On this page, you will find an introduction to the world of online slot games – how to choose one that suits you, what makes a quality game and where you can learn more about them. This constantly evolving industry is exciting and dynamic – we can’t wait to introduce you!

Pick your favourite theme and slot game

Playing slots online

Travel The World With These Casino Slots

Are you in need of a holiday? Winter gloom getting you down? You don’t need to pay for an expensive flight to feel like you’re somewhere sunny - just play these great online casino slots!

For the beach bum

Nothing can beat the feeling of the sun on your skin and the warm sand beneath you as you lie on the beach. There are few experiences as relaxing as that. And the weather is a sight better than the winter cold snap we are currently experiencing!

Step onto a golden beach and watch what the tide brings in on NetEnt’s Beach slot. It may have a simple name but it has certainly made a mark on players looking to sink into beachside bliss, without having to pack all that sunblock.

Travel the world with these UK casino slots

Jungle exploration

If your idea of an exciting holiday involves hiking boots and the liberal application of mosquito repellant, Microgaming has something just for you! Trek into the steamy jungle wilderness with Jungle Jim, as he blazes a trail through the great unknown in search of treasure.

Jungle Jim El Dorado is a slot with heaps of personality and some stunning animation detail and design. It’s all set to transport you away from this dreary winter weather and straight into an adventure!


Travel the world with these UK casino slots

City break slots

Ever feel you need a little more culture in your life? A bit of class? A few priceless masterpieces in your suitcase? This next slot combines the inspiring environs of the City of Lights with a certainly cat burglar’s sticky fingers.

Betsoft’s 3D slots A Night in Paris is a fun (and funny) slot that shows off the game studio’s design prowess and will sate players looking for a game that has an intriguing narrative as well as winning opportunities. Mind that fierce-looking guard dog!


Travel the world with these UK casino slots

Ancient wonders

Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine your exotic holiday with a massive casino win? Yes, we think so too. The perfect solution may just be Mega Moolah Isis.

Combining the symbols and mystique of ancient Egypt with a progressive slot and the potential for a large payout, Mega Moolah Isis will interest virtual tourists who want a taste of one of the most important ancient civilisations.

Travel the world with these UK casino slots

Arctic adventure

There are those among us who actually enjoy the winter - the opportunities for snow sports, the chance to drink copious amounts of whisky in an effort to warm up afterwards, and so on. For players who love the cold weather, we can suggest Arctic Fortune from Microgaming.

You will meet burly Vikings, majestic wolves, hidden treasures and shield maidens galore in Arctic Fortune, which is an exciting foray into the frozen north and even back in time a little bit.

Travel the world with these UK casino slots

Sail the seven seas

Got a parrot that’s feeling bored? Is your captain’s hat collecting dust? It might be time to indulge your piratical side this winter season with a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas. ELK Studios’ title Wild Seas is just the ticket.

Dubloons, tattered flags, fearless pirates and buried treasure make this game a serious contender. Its 178 paylines and exciting gameplay make Wild Seas a great choice for players who want a sunny adventure with an interesting theme thrown in.

Travel the world with these UK casino slots


Are you into video games? What about ancient history? Fairy tales? If you can think about it, there’s a good chance that a game developer has already come up with a slot game that appeals to you!

Slot developers put a lot of effort into creating games that look good, are fun to play and offer players the thrill of chance. Most players will find that they have a handful of games that they regularly return to; games that tick all the boxes and are rewarding in their own way.

So, how does one go about choosing a slot to play for real money in UK? There are plenty of factors that inform this decision. Firstly, do you like the look of it? This does not just include its appearance but also the accompanying sound design and background music. Is the animation smooth and appealing? While it may not be wise to judge a book by its cover, liking a slot game’s aesthetic right off the bat is important – you will only play games you like the look of.

The next factor to consider is game mechanics. A large proportion of games have a 5-reel, 3-row format, making this configuration very familiar to veteran players. Some game developers want to break out of this mould and create interesting arrangements of reels and rows. Whether you prefer the familiar or the innovative, this preference will no doubt contribute to your decision to play.

Another factor would be slots welcome bonuses. Does that particular slot offer deposit bonuses? Many casinos now offer a percentage slot deposit bonuses for example 200% slot bonus or 300% slot bonus.

What are game features?

Game features are another factor to consider. Features such as Wild and Scatter symbols are popular in modern slot games, but some developers go further, introducing other features that add excitement and opportunities to the gameplay. Multipliers, mini-games and other features can be included within a slot game, creating a unique gaming environment to enjoy.

Understanding slot structure

On a more technical note, a slot’s RTP is an important bit of information for experienced players. This Return-to-Player value determines how volatile a slot is i.e. how regularly it pays out and by how much. Depending on their budget and playing style, players may choose to play games of a lower or higher RTP.

The world of online slots is constantly growing as game providers strive to innovate, explore and create new titles and game types. It can be daunting to new players, who are faced with hundreds of names, different providers and categories. And as online casinos work towards giving their players the biggest range of options, that confusion can only increase as new games are launched. Hundreds of titles are available at most casinos, which can be an overwhelming amount to a fresh new face. Luckily, we’re here to help!

Try new slots on Casino sites

There’s nothing to fear when it comes to casino slots! There are plenty of different categories but these are only meant to help you figure out which ones you like best. Into all things ancient? History slots might be the best call for you. If you’re chasing a big win, jackpot slots will definitely appeal to your style of play.

No Deposit Slots

No deposit slots are slots where you can play for free. If you are new to the slots world, it is highly recommended you play on these free slots without deposit first to gain some experience.

Free Bonus Slots

Online casinos give away free bonuses to attract new and existing players. Many players refer to them as free bonus slots. The most common type of bonuses are usually a free spins and also a percentage deposit bonus.

Vintage slots or new games?

For games that have a sense of narrative, try the adventure slots section for exciting titles. Or if you’re pining after the good old days, it’s classic slots you should look into. At the end of the day, we can only suggest slots UK players might enjoy - the best online slots for you are the ones that appeal to you the most. Don’t be afraid to try out new or unusual slots online. You might discover some more games you like and will have more opportunity to enjoy yourself in future.

 Other casino games

Playing slots online


Of course, there is more to online casinos than just slot games. Players can enjoy all manner of titles, including table games like poker, blackjack and roulette, as well as live casino games. These make use of live streaming video technology to bring a taste of the original casino atmosphere to players all over the world.

Other games you can find at a casino include scratch cards, action games, micro bet games, bingo and more. And you can’t forget the world of sports betting, where players can place wagers on the outcome of sporting events, as well as others like political and cultural events.

While many casinos specialize in one type of game, with the majority of their library being made up of one or two categories of games, several choose to offer players a whole range of games and sports betting options.

Try out slots for free

A great way to discover slot games and how they work is to try them first-hand for free first before playing for real money. However, players may be reluctant to spend their money on games that they may or may not enjoy and casino sites know this.

That’s why the majority of casino sites offer the demo or free versions of most of their slots games. When you are playing these games, they look, feel and behave exactly like the real thing, so you can get an idea of what you can expect.

The only difference between a free play and a real cash game is that the player does not use real cash at any point in the free game. Players cannot withdraw any ‘winnings’ or make wagers with their own funds, only spin for free and get to grips with the game mechanics.

So, where can you find these free play games? Most casinos will display the option to play for free on the game’s thumbnail, which you’ll see in the media library. Some games may have a button that directs players to the free demo. You can play the free demo version at any time, whether you are a visitor to the site or have your own casino account.

For the most part, casinos go out of their way to ensure that players have clearly marked access to free play games and this helps players have a better, more enjoyable gambling experience.

Casino Slots FAQ

How do you choose the right slot?

This depends on a number of factors. These include the size of your available bankroll and the type of game you enjoy playing. There are thousands of slot games out there, each with its own theme and features, so finding the category of game you like will help you find similar titles to try. Higher RTP slots will suit a player with a smaller budget

What kind of casino slots exist?

Online casino slots can be categorised by a number of different features. Slots can be jackpots, have 3 reels or more, can be high or low limit. Slots can also be classified as fruit machines, 3D or video slots. They can also have varying numbers of paylines, from just one to hundreds.

What is RTP?

RTP, also known as volatility, is a percentage value assigned to a game and determines the frequency with which the game pays out. Games with a low volatility or RTP will pay out more regularly than one with a higher RTP. Essentially, low RTP games pay out small amounts regularly while high RTP games will pay out less often but in bigger amounts.

Are there free casino slots?

Many casino slots allow players to play for free, using the Demo or Free Play mode. This means that you can play the game without contributing your own money and also means you cannot win any money either. Demo mode is ideal for players who want to try out a slot to see if they like it, before investing any of their own funds. It’s also a great way to explore all the game features for free.

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