5 Stories Of Unlucky Lotto Winners

5 Stories Of Unlucky Lotto Winners
21.06.2019 • by Patrik Andersson

Lotto Winners Stories

Actually, the life a person who wins a lottery should end like this: “they lived happily ever after.” Unfortunately, it is rarely the case in real life. At least, that’s what has been the experience of many people who have won huge amounts of money through lotteries. So, winning alone is not enough. You need to learn to keep the money. Studies show that nearly 70 percent of the lottery winners lose all their money within seven years. These are 5 of those tragic lottery winners stories

Abraham Shakespeare

5. Abraham Shakespeare ($30 Million)

It was in 2006 that Abraham Shakespeare won $30 million in a lottery. The moment he won the lottery, his family members and friends started hounding him for money. 

Dorice Moore whom Shakespeare befriended tricked him into believing that she was protecting him from the greedy ones who were hounding him for his money. She got all his assets transferred into her name. In 2009, Shakespeare suddenly went missing. 

In 2012, Dorice Moore was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to mandatory life imprisonment without parole. Reportedly, Shakespeare told his mother, a few weeks before he was murdered, that life would have been much better if he had not won the lottery.

David Lee Edwards

4. David Lee Edwards ($27 million)

Edwards, a former drug addict as well as felon, won $27 million in 2001 in a jackpot. He was unemployed and was living in South Florida. After he got the windfall, he purchased a home in Palm Beach Gardens for $1.6 million, three numbers of horses, a fiber optics business, a Lear jet, a limo business, a Lamborghini Diablo for $200,000 and many other luxuries.

He and his wife involved in use of drugs once again and had several run-ins with the police for possessing crack cocaine, heroin and pills. In a short period of time, he lost all the money he had and ended up in a storage place where he lived surrounded by human excreta.

5 tragic lottery winners stories

3. Michael Carroll ($15 million)

Michael Carroll was just 26 years old when he won $15 million in a British jackpot in 2002. Soon, he was left with nothing as he spent all the money on parties, hookers, cocaine and cars. The National Lottery jackpot winner was issued an order to complete drug testing as well as treatment for a period of 12 months after he admitted to possessing cocaine worth more than EUR 1,500. 

Reportedly, he also spent a part of his fortune on quad bikes, a Spanish villa, flashy jewelry and demolition-derby cars. Carroll was sent to jail following an altercation in 2006 and was subsequently convicted for possession of drugs.

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Jack Whittaker

2. Jack Whittaker ($315 million)

Jack Whittaker from West Virginia was already worth approximately $17 million at the time of winning the multi-state Powerball jackpot for $315 million in 2002. Whittaker spent most of the lottery money for good. He built churches and donated 10 percent of the money to Christian charities. He also set up the Jack Whittaker foundation for providing food and clothes to low-income families. 

However, his life started falling apart after he was arrested for drunk driving and threatening a bartender. He was ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous weekly meetings. In addition, he was sued by a woman on charges that he fondled her for sexual pleasure. Thieves stole $500,000 and $200,000 from him on two occasions.

His wife and he divorced when he became an alcoholic. His 17-year-old granddaughter whom he gave a weekly allowance of more than $2,000 and her boyfriend died of drug overdose. A little later, Whittaker’s daughter died of unknown causes.


1. Billie Harrell ($31 million)

In less than two years after winning $31 million in lottery, Bob Harrell was left with no money. He donated some of his winnings to those in need and lent money to close friends and relatives to him. His generosity worked against him. 

When he became broke, his wife left him. Later, the Texas man killed himself. In his own home he was found dead with a gunshot wound on his head.


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