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Online lottery betting is probably one of the simplest forms of betting, but the rewards of winning are huge. Online lottery betting entails placing a bet on the results of an official lottery. Just like the traditional lottery, you can watch lottery balls as they are being drawn up. Although you are not participating directly in the actual lottery, you can place bets on the results.

We have compiled some of the nation’s lotto betting sites into one comprehensive list. Now’s the time to join in on the hype!

Check out the below online lottery betting sites:

Online lottery betting offers

Last updated: 13 Aug 2024
Various lotto offers & promotions at

Various lotto offers & promotions at

Take advantage of various offers and promotions at when you sign up.

Buy 3 lines, get 2 for free at MultiLotto

Buy 3 lines, get 2 for free at MultiLotto

Buy 3 lines and get 2 for free at Multilotto.

Biggest collection of online betting lotteries

Biggest collection of online betting lotteries

Check out The Lotter and place bets on up to 50 lotteries from around the globe.

Free ticket upon signup at LottoFun

Free ticket upon signup at LottoFun

Your fun journey kicks off from the moment you sign up to LottoFun. Receive a free ticket when you register for an account. Take advantage of their Buy 1, get 2 tickets offer!

22 grand lottery prizes at Wintrillions

22 grand lottery prizes at Wintrillions

Sign up to Wintrillions and take advantage of a myriad of discounts and promos.

Promos at LottoKings

Promos at LottoKings

Take advantage of regular offers and promotions at LottoKings.

Free bet on an online lottery game

Free bet on an online lottery game

From the moment you sign up, you start reaping the rewards of being a LotteryMaster user. Buy one, get one free!

Online lottery offers at Lotto Agent

Online lottery offers at Lotto Agent

Snap up top online lottery offers and promotions at Loto Agent.

Discount on bulk tickets at LottoSend

Discount on bulk tickets at LottoSend

Purchase bulk tickets to get your hands on top discounts at LottoSend.

£20 worth of slot spins for just £10

£20 worth of slot spins for just £10

Sign up for an account at Lottomart today and get 100 free spins worth £20 for just £10!

What is online lottery betting?

Online lottery betting gives you the opportunity to place a bet on the outcome of a lottery draw, more specifically of lottery balls with numbers on them. In a way, lottery betting is the same as traditional lotteries that you watch on TV.

It works by placing a bet on your lucky numbers and if the numbers drawn are the same as yours, you win the prize. Prizes will vary depending on the number of balls you have succeeded in guessing correctly.

Although very similar to traditional lotteries, the one big difference to online lottery betting these days is that there is a wider variety of lotteries plus the chance to win a lottery jackpot.

What are the differences between traditional lotteries and online lottery betting?

In terms of picking your lucky numbers, both traditional lottery and online lottery betting are the same, with the exception that you are not purchasing a lottery ticket into an official draw.

When it comes to lotto betting, you are playing through an independent company, which is no way connected to the lottery operator. Let’s imagine you are betting on the US Powerball Jackpot and succeed in guessing correctly all the numbers drawn. would pay your prize money, and not the official Powerball Jackpot.

There are more advantages to this modern method though. For starters, online lottery betting operators tend to match the prizes of each tier, including the jackpot, with the official lottery.

Some of the most prominent lotteries in Europe and the world include SuperEnaLotto, MegaMillions, El Gordo and Powerball.

What are the various online lottery betting features?

The good news is that you don’t have to wait long stretches of time to learn the results but that is only one benefit. There is also the option of letting the lotto site automatically pick random numbers for you, better known as the Quickpick.

In addition, there is the option to play with System Bets, which is available in a multitude of lotteries. This feature allows you to play with more lines. Granted the more numbers you pick and the more combinations are created, the bigger your chances of potentially achieving a win.

Can I lotto bet on my mobile?

Of course! You can access all your favourite games from your mobile phone, anywhere and anytime you want, provided you have access to a secure internet connection

What is syndicate betting?

An online lottery syndicate gives you the opportunity to play several lines (sometimes with over 1,000) for any lottery. You will then receive a share of the winnings if any of the lines you have betted on, win at any prize tier level including any lucrative jackpots.

The way syndicate lotteries work is that the bigger the number of lines in the syndicate, the higher the chances of winning.

Every syndicate has a number of shares, so if you pick one with 100 shares and you buy 1 share and win £100m jackpot, you will win £1m. If you buy 2 shares, you’d win £2m, and so on and so forth.

In the majority of cases, you can enter a syndicate by selecting the one you wish to play and picking the number of shares you want. Once you have picked the number of shares, you need to pick the duration you wish to participate in the Syndicate. You can then proceed to checkout.

Prices of syndicates tend to vary depending on the number of shares you pick. If the base price of a share for a syndicate is £2, then you will £2 per share.

Scratchcards and Instant Wins

Scratchcards have gained increasing popularity over the years. Players think it’s a fun way to try to win money by matching icons on a card, but without the hassle of having to wait for results. You need to see them as if they were slot games.

The biggest advantage of online scratchcards though is the fact that you can win a jackpot with a ticket that is worth very little. Another added benefit is the fact that many online casinos, as well as online lottery betting websites, offer discounts and bonuses on bulk scratchcards.

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