Glastonbury 2017 is Over, BGO No Deposit Bonus not!

Glastonbury 2017 is Over, but Your BGO No Deposit Bonus Isn't Just Yet!

Attention online casino gamers! This is your red alert that our exclusive Glastonbury/BGO casino starter package is cruising towards its deadline, with the last few minutes of tonight the final chance to scoop this tasty bonus. Although Glastonbury Festival 2017 is over itself, we decided to give you an encore of our own to entertain the thousands of fans leaving Worthy Farm for (potentially) a 3-year break.

It’s simple, just use your smartphone or tablet to play BGO casino on mobile whether you’re on a coach, train or getting a lift from a friend back to your original destination.

Glastonbury TV viewers can rejoice too, as this deal is open to everyone – no ticket required.

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Before we get to that, though, for one final time, let’s take a look back at what we’ve covered on Glastonbury – the most famous music festival in the UK.

A Quick Recap of Our Glastonbury Coverage

Alongside our juicy Glastonbury welcome bonus that you can’t get anywhere else, we thought we’d do a little research on the event itself. What followed was a mixture of humorous, informative and interesting pieces, all of which you can garner a snippet of below.

Betting on Glastonbury Festival Can Be Odd

Betting on Glastonbury Festival Can Be Odd

We began on Wednesday, with an article dedicated to the entire process of placing a few Glastonbury bets. Political betting has taken UK bookmakers by storm, with the recent snap election hung parliament raking in a multitude of wagers. However, Glastonbury always takes a nice slice of the pie, but with some of the strangest betting markets we’ve ever seen.

Fancy betting on whether Wayne Rooney will suck it up in a tent for the weekend, or will he decide to go VIP?

Wazza certainly can afford it with his reported astronomical wages at Man Utd, but you could have earned a bit of extra cash too if you’d called this correctly.

An Oasis reunion has been a hot topic ever since their acrimonious split in 2009, while the chances of Glastonbury 2019 being renamed has seen a spike due to the Eavis organisers insisting this was the case. Overall, there’s a lot more to consider than your standard “who will headline Glastonbury Festival” betting market.

You can read the full article on weird Glastonbury betting here.

The Best Times to Play Mobile Casino at Glastonbury (or Any Other UK Music Festival!)

The Best Times to Play Mobile Casino at Glastonbury (or Any Other UK Music Festival!)

A couple of months ago saw Gambling Metropolis publish an article on some of the best situations to gamble on mobile, so we thought we’d revamp it with a special Glastonbury version! The whole concept was thought of after we were discussing the frustrations of band interludes at festivals, leading us to think of ways to pass the time. BGO mobile casino sounded perfect!

Although we realise Glastonbury is a very social affair, and we wouldn’t want to promote anything against that, there were a few other situations where having a few spins couldn’t be deemed inappropriate. Those inevitable long queues, the journey to and from Glastonbury as we’ve mentioned above, and simply when you could do with a bit more cash!

We’re sure there’re plenty of other Glastonbury mobile casino moments that we’ve missed, can you think of anymore?

Which Online Casino Slots Are Inspired By Real Musical Artists/Bands?

Which Online Casino Slots Are Inspired By Real Musical Artists/Bands?

We finished with musings about the correlation between music and our beloved iGaming online casino world. There’s been plenty of slots built using movie themes in the past, and we don’t expect this to change any time soon. However, it got Gambling Metropolis thinking – how about actual musical artists and bands that have influenced internet casino games?

The obvious standout is 2016’s NetEnt Rocks three-piece, featuring Guns N’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix and Motörhead, but there are a few more you may have missed.

A multitude of Elvis homages, Michael Jackson: King of Pop and heavy metal band Megadeth are a few examples.

Want to know more? Check out our article on video slots with musical artists.

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