Wagering Requirements FAQ

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are a form of multiplier. Indeed, they are often displayed as 30x or x30 on casino pages. This is the amount of cash you will need to bet before winnings from a bonus can be released for withdrawal.

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How do wagering requirements work?

A common wagering requirement is x30. This is considered within the average range and it means that you will need to wager 30 times your initial deposit in order to be able to withdraw your winnings to your e-wallet or bank account.

Are wagering requirements also on free spins?

Yes, wagering requirements can apply to free spins, bonus cash and any other bonus feature a casino can provide.

What is wagering?

Wagering is the amount of money you bet on a game per turn, whether that is a spin on a slot game, a hand of blackjack or a turn on the roulette wheel. A wager is also called a stake.

When am I finished with the wagering requirements?

You will have fulfilled the wagering requirements when you have wagered the original amount as many times as set out in the bonus terms. If the bonus has a x25 wagering requirement, you will be free to withdraw your winnings once you have wagered 25 times your original deposit.

Where can I find the wagering requirements of a bonus or free spins?

The wagering requirements for any kind of bonus, whether that’s bonus cash or free spins, will be available in the bonus terms and conditions. You can also consult our casino reviews, where we display the wagering requirements beneath the bonus description

How much can I wager at a time?

All games will have a minimum and maximum limit that you can wager, starting from as low as €0.02 and going as high as the hundreds. The latter would be considered a high stakes games and will attract players with a large bankroll.

Do free spins have wagering requirements?

Yes, some free spins bonuses may be subject to wagering requirements. Bonus matches too can be subject to wagering requirements.

How can I see when I have completed the wagering requirements?

Once you have accepted a bonus, you can find out how close you are to meeting the wagering requirements by visiting the casino’s withdrawal page. This is where you can find out how much you need to wager before you can withdraw your funds.

This is also where some casinos offer the option to forfeit your bonus.

Do the wagering requirements work for every game?

Wagering requirements are only applied to bonuses i.e. when you play games with bonus cash or free spins. If you play with your own non-bonus money, there are no wagering requirements.

Many bonuses set restrictions for the kind of games the player can play with bonus cash and how that play contributes to meeting wagering requirements. For example, a casino might decide that bonus cash can only be used on slot games or only on table games and so on. A casino may also determine that a whole wager on a slot game goes towards meeting wagering requirements while a wager on a poker game will only contribute 50%. As always, it is important to read the terms and conditions to learn more.

Can I withdraw my own money first before playing with the bonus?

If you have accepted a bonus and are playing with bonus cash, a withdrawal of your own cash is not allowed. You must first play through the wagering requirements.

Of course, no player is obligated to accept a bonus of any kind and in that case, there are no restrictions to when you can request a withdrawal of your funds.

How are wagering requirements calculated?

To calculate wagering requirements, you need two numbers to work out the math. First, the wagering requirement itself (let’s say x30). And second, the amount deposited when claiming that bonus, using the example of €50.

The calculation is: Wagering requirement x initial deposit. Using our examples, that would be:

For this bonus, the player must wager at least €1500 before they are allowed to make a withdrawal of their winnings.

How to beat wagering requirements?

There are a few things you can do, before you accept a bonus, to get a good deal on wagering requirements. Choose a casino that offers terms and conditions you feel are fair. Check whether there is a cap on winnings or whether you will be forced to forfeit your bonus if you choose to make a withdrawal.

It is very important to note that by accepting a bonus, you are accepting to abide by the wagering requirements it sets out. Once you have accepted the bonus, you cannot opt out of those requirements, so it is a good idea to have all the information before you make a decision.

What are outstanding wagering requirements?

Outstanding wagering requirements are how much more you need to wager before you are allowed to withdraw your cash.

Using the example above, let’s say that your wagering requirement works out to €1500. So far, you have wagered €1000. That means that your outstanding wagering requirement is €500 – the amount you still need to wager before the requirements are met.