Why the Sudden Interest in Casino, Millennials?

Why the Sudden Interest in Casino, Millennials?
04.12.2016 • by Danny H

Why the Sudden Interest in Casino, Millennials?

Although the casino industry is booming in today’s world, this wasn’t always the case. Around 5 years ago, growth within this entertainment market was stagnating in the UK and around, with the financial crisis continuing to show its after-effects. However, the introduction of mobile gaming has recovered those losses, with casino bonuses wherever you look, and a curious new trend has also appeared during this time.

The Age of Casino Dawns for 18-40 Year Olds

Alongside this casino playing pickup, a rather obvious trend was also spotted in terms of demographic. It became clear that the number of 18-40 year olds who were getting involved with free spins deals and other entertainment was at its highest ever rate. Why, you might ask? There must have been something that changed to make this happen. Well, let’s take a look to try and deduce exactly what.

Mobile Casino Boom

It’s no surprise to anyone when they hear that online casino play is the least popular with older generations, so the introduction of mobile gaming as a key part of the next phase of entertainment was always likely to bring younger players to the table.

With rapid 4G speeds and huge data plans commonplace, it’s far easier to load up a few slots in 2016 than it was a few years back, and this is obviously attracting attention. If you’ve ever got a few minutes to kill – and let’s face it, that happens quite often – then accessing casino games is one way to grab some quick fun on-the-go.

Video-Game Themes

Before better technologies allowed casino game providers to spread their wings, gamers were often only treated to static slots with little to no interaction. However, leading companies such as NetEnt now build video introductions, dedicated characters and a whole host of special features into their titles, giving them a much more modern touch.

Furthermore, with online casinos being founded on a near-daily basis, websites are forced to be a bit more imaginative to lure players in. Adventure casinos with full-blown storylines began to emerge from the creativity, and this is something that attracts younger crowds. With the video-game theme becoming more and more involved, millennials began to sit up and take note.

Will Bitcoin Drive Down the Average Age Even Further?

The bitcoin casino has long been heralded as the next big thing to accompany mobile platform, with the promise of complete anonymity very attractive for players. However, with this cryptocurrency only available online, would the rise of bitcoin casinos see even more younger gamers logging on?

Although bitcoin casinos in the current market mostly offer alternative payment methods too, such as Playamo, some only accept this online currency. If they are successful, it is likely that others will follow suit which will drive the average age down ever further – while potentially opening up a divide between casinos who cater for different generations.

It’s going to be an interesting journey over the next few years, but we’ll be right behind you to keep you all up to date!

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