What Became of the Man Behind the Craziest Gambling Bet Ever?

What Became of the Man Behind the Craziest Gambling Bet Ever?
09.04.2017 • by Danny H

We’re sure you’ve probably seen or at least heard about the above roulette bet. It’s been branded as the craziest/stupidest/riskiest gamble of all time, as one Englishman, Ashley Revell, put his life’s savings on one spin of roulette. It is, perhaps, the most polarising decision that anyone has made within the gambling world – with some praising the sheer bravery he showed, while others lambasted his decision to take such a risk on a less-than-50% shot.

What Led Ashley Revell to Place this $135,300 Roulette Wager?

While many of us fantasise about what it would be like to make such a truly ridiculous bet on one roulette spin, it’s very rare that we actually go through with it. Sure, there are times where we may decide to lump a sizeable amount on red or black, odd or even, 1-18 or 19-36 etc and declare ourselves to be somewhat of a high roller.

However, would any of us really dare sell all our possessions (including car, house, clothes, and even his name!) and withdraw any remaining savings just to jet off to Vegas and whack it all on one, agonising spin of the wheel?

That’s exactly what 32-year-old Ashley Revell, from Kent in the UK, decided to do after discussing the concept of a true all-or-nothing wager with a few friends while down the pub. Revell had experience with playing poker and enjoyed the thrill of the roulette table, but nothing could possibly prepare him from the emotions he must have felt once those chips had been placed and that ball was spinning.

I really want to put that bet on, and just get that rush and see how I’m going to feel and how I’m going to handle it, and if I lose how I’m going to handle that – Revell, prior to his bet.

He convinced UK television company Sky to film the proceedings for broadcast, although it did take a while before a willing casino stepped forward to accept the bet (even in Las Vegas!). However, Plaza Hotel & Casino eventually agreed and the bet took place on 11th April 2004.

Whether Brave or Stupid, Ashley Revell’s Lucky Number 7 Came In

As you can see from the above video, Revell decided to have a few warm-up rounds by placing much lower wagers on the table rather than go all-in straight away. Once he had managed to compose himself, he immediately declared red to be his chosen path for glory once the croupier opened the round – and the wait was on.

After what must have felt like an age, the ball finally stopped pinballing around the empty slots and came to rest on number 7, red. Cue absolute delight from Revell and his family (despite his dad’s outspoken disapproval) – he had just doubled up to $270,600!

What Did Ashley Revell Do Next After Walking Away with $270k?

Many predicted that a man who was willing to make such a risky bet would gamble away any earnings within no time, but Revell demonstrated a bit more tact with his future plans. Being such a huge poker fan, he decided to create a football-inspired poker website, Poker UTD, which he maintained until 2009. He also decided to enter the online gambling market with an iGaming recruitment website.

However, probably the most rewarding aspect of his win came in the form of a motorbike journey around Holland shortly after his arrival back in the UK. Revell was single at the time of his bet, but his big win enabled him to find a partner during his trip across the North Sea, whom he later married and shares two children with.

Everyone loves a happy ending, and Ashley Revell’s may well be the most famous in gambling history.

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