Gambling Lucky Charms from Around the World

Gambling Lucky Charms from Around the World
12.04.2018 • by Rachel

Whether you want to give yourself a bit of a boost before you play your next hand or are just curious about the different ways people ward off evil and hope for good luck around the world, join us as we take a quick look at a few examples from around the world.

Since the dawn of humanity, people have looked to lucky charms, talisman, amulets and trinkets to do anything from keep evil forces at bay to bringing them prosperity. To some, the idea of lucky charms is nothing more than superstitious mumbo jumbo.

To many people out there, however, these gambling lucky charm symbols of good fortune and positive energy add a little something special to their not-so-awesome days; basically, what’s really important is how they make a person feel on the inside. 

Here’s a list of the most popular Gambling Charms;


The Vikings believed that putting an acorn on your windowsill would keep you safe from lightning strikes (which could, among other things, burn your house down). Why’s that?

Well, since oak trees attract lightning, it was thought that they had been spared thanks to Thor, Odin’s son and the hammer-wielding god of thunder and lightning.

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Alligator Teeth

As far as unfortunate 90s fashion choices go, it turns out that wearing a tooth around your neck wasn’t such a bad idea after all. In some African cultures, wearing an alligator tooth around your neck would bring you good fortune when you’re gambling.

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Horseshoes are considered powerful charms because of their association with horses – strong, powerful, regal animals.

This charm can be traced back to the legend of St Dunstan, a tenth-century blacksmith and musician from England who supposedly used a horseshoe to trap the devil. That’s why placing one above your front door is said to protect your home from misfortune!

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Four-Leaf Clovers

One of the most widely-recognised symbols of luck in the world, four-leaf clovers are synonymous with the Irish. The chances of finding a four-leaf clover are roughly one in ten thousand, hence the luck. If you do find one, though, you’ve bagged yourself some luck, love, hope, and faith.

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Evil Eyes

If you’ve ever visited the Middle East, you’ll know that the Evil Eye is a hugely popular symbol everywhere you go. One of these gorgeous little amulets would supposedly ward off any curses or negative intentions sent your way from enemies or those in your life who would wish you ill.

Imperial Lions

Also known as ‘Fu Dogs’, Imperial Garden Lions are hugely popular symbols of good luck all over Asia – especially so in China. Stunning statues of these majestic creatures are often placed outside homes, palaces and temples to keep burglars, thieves and bad luck away. How’s that for a guard dog?

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