01.12.2016 • by conor

HOW TO GET BANNED FROM ONLINE CASINO In the world of online casino, there has been a long-standing myth between a number of players that proclaims that a casino provider may ban or deactivate your account if you continuously win. This, we are glad to confirm, is complete rubbish. Yes, there are many ways to see yourself get banned from an online casino, but ‘winning too much money’ isn’t one of them. So, now we’ve busted that myth, what do you need to do to get banned from an online casino?


As I’m sure you are all aware by now, when signing up to a new casino, you are more often than not offered a welcome bonus. This can be in the form of free spins, a deposit bonus or as cashback on your losses. On the most part, welcome bonuses and sign up offers are used in an ethical fashion by players who are looking to have a good time.

Before opening an account at a casino, it is always important to ensure that you – or someone else who uses the same address as you – hasn’t already signed up and taken advantage of the bonus. If an operator believes you are abusing bonuses by opening numerous accounts, they have the power to shut down your account and withhold any money won using the bonus.


Before signing up to a new casino such as CasinoCruise, it is always advised that you should take a look at the general and the bonus terms and conditions. These documents can often be big and long-winded but we suggest you give them a good old read anywhere as it will give you a better understanding on how you should behave. One of the most common reasons for players having their account frozen or deactivated is because they have violated something in the terms and conditions which has resulted in an operator taking drastic action.


When playing away at an online casino, there are many ways a player can improve their chance of taking home a win. One way you could do this is by implementing a tried and tested betting strategy. Although this is perfectly legal, there are players out there that take this level of playing to the next level by introducing bots and other pieces of software that can influence the outcome of a game. If an operator picks up any suspicious behaviour, they are well within their right to close your account and withhold any funds.

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