Bizarre gambling superstitions from around the world

Bizarre gambling superstitions from around the world
23.09.2019 • by Rachel

Luck, chance, fortune, fate – all these are different names for the same thing, one that casino players are constantly chasing. And while many people consider their gambling fortunes as being completely out of their hands, superstition in gambling is a well-known phenomenon, no matter where you’re playing. In this article, we will be exploring the strangest, most unusual superstitions to do with gambling.

Lucky charms and underpants

Symbols of good luck are found in almost any culture you can think of, from the four-leaf clover to the rabbit’s foot (arguably luckier for the holder rather than the poor rabbit) and lucky pennies. It is not unusual for casino players, online and not, to carry special tokens or totems they believe embody good luck.

Similarly, items of clothing can be considered extra lucky. Some players own their own pair of lucky socks or perhaps a particular piece of jewellery. It seems that these special garments are equally handy to have, whether you’re sitting for a tough exam, walking down the aisle or putting a large bet on a casino game.

Dos and don’ts at the casino

Sometimes superstitions are more concerned with behaviour rather than actual objects – the things you should and shouldn’t do while gambling that can (allegedly) affect your outcome. A lot of these superstitions only really apply in land-based casinos but we’re positive online casino players will have their own little rituals as well.

There are some pretty innocuous behaviours that could be considered bad luck at the casino, including something as simple as turning in your chair, and crossing your legs or fingers while at the table. Whistling during a game is bad luck (not to mention quite rude) and counting your money during a game is too. Playing at a polished table will, apparently, impact your outcome. Lending money to another player can be considered bad luck, though that might also depend on the borrower’s luck/skill too.

Chinese gamblers are known for their many gambling-related superstitions and this is not surprising – many parts of Chinese culture deal with luck, not just in gambling but in all aspects of life. The number 8, for example, is considered very lucky as is the colour red, with many people choosing their license plate, telephone and house numbers to incorporate the number 8. On the Chinese New Year, money is given to relatives in red envelopes as a way to induce good fortune for the coming year.

Chinese gamblers will often wear red clothing when gambling in casinos and will try their best to secure accommodation with room numbers or addresses that include the number 8.

An extra bit of help

When you’re hoping for a life-changing win, you will probably want to seek any kind of help, including that of the Almighty. This isn’t limited to one religion either. It is not uncommon for gamblers to say a little prayer to a favoured saint or to the Big Guy himself. Chinese players will shout a tribute to the spirits of gambling before a hand. Some players might make an offering to a beloved deity. Every little helps …

Can it help?

On the surface, superstitions of any kind are highly unlikely to change the outcome of an event, whether that is a hand of poker or a round of golf. The boxer shorts you are wearing or whether or not you washed your hands before gambling are hardly likely – in logical terms – to make any difference at all.

But there might be some positive influence, even if it doesn’t come from the superstition itself. While carrying your lucky penny in your pocket will not affect which cards come up in blackjack, the presence of the penny might help you to make better decisions.

Superstitions are, in essence, an attempt to exert some control over that which is uncontrollable. Carrying a ‘lucky’ object or performing a ritual may actually help players to relieve some of the pressure of gambling, letting them focus on playing in a calm manner and making better, more logical decisions.

Play at online casinos

Whether you’re the superstitious type or you can’t be bothered with all that, online casinos are a fun and entertaining way to spend your time. For players who like to select their casinos based on name, we can suggest a few!

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