A who’s who of Online Casino mascots

A who’s who of Online Casino mascots
24.10.2019 • by Rachel

There are a mind-boggling range of online casinos out there today, ranging from super serious to outright quirky. In an effort to create a memorable experience for players, some casinos opt to choose a mascot to represent them and their brand. Let’s take a look at some of the most distinctive ones.

The Legend – Pots of Luck

If you want distinctive, you can’t go wrong with Seamus, the bearded leprechaun who represents Pots of Luck casino. Decked out in green and sporting a rather fetching top hat, Seamus evokes the Irish legends of old, which considered leprechauns the mischievous bringers of luck.

The Cuddly Icon – Royal Panda

With a name like ‘Royal Panda’, it should come as no surprise that this casino’s mascot is in fact… a panda. With his jaunty crown, this mascot really spells it out for you. But don’t be fooled – this fella can change into any number of outfits, perfectly complementing the casino’s promotional campaigns.

The Alien – Playfrank

We’re not entirely sure what species the Playfrank mascots are so we will just assume that they are not of this world. Sporting a single eye and nubby limbs, they don’t come across as very intimidating.

In fact, they seem quite friendly, appearing in several places across this online casino and taking their job as Playfrank ambassadors quite seriously.

The Mysterious One – SuperLenny

What do you call a creature that’s half man, half stag? We don’t know either but SuperLenny has made it work. And this creation is no slouch – he’s always extremely well dressed and his antlers always on point.

We suspect this unusual being is something of a hipster, favouring a dapper look at all times and especially a bowtie. He also never turns down the opportunity to offer players some killer promotions and to show them the ropes around SuperLenny’s awesome casino offering.

The Thrill-Seeker – Thrills

The Thrills mascot is wild, a true adrenaline junkie that considers no stunt too dangerous, no feat too challenging. He appears doing all sorts of things, from racing motorcycles to being shot out of a cannon to planning a bank heist.

This guy doesn’t mind danger but he’s also a helpful soul. We may not know his name but we can count on him being around to introduce all the new promotions at Thrills, helping to find answers to queries and just making sure everyone has a good time.

Now you know about the most popular casino mascots!!

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