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Don’t Miss Out – Play your Favourite Casino Games on the Move

Picture the scene; you’re waiting to travel home after a hard day at work only to learn that your train is going to be significantly delayed. In the old days, there would have been little to do but stand idly and wait, or maybe buy a newspaper to help pass the time.

This is no longer the case, however, as you can now whip out your smartphone or tablet and log straight into your favourite mobile casino. This is thanks to technological advancement and the development of the HTML5 programming language, which has made a huge library of slots and casino games accessible across multiple devices.

So, whether you own an Android handset or an iPad, you can access your favourite casinos and games no matter where you are in the UK. But precisely which devices are supported here, and what type of experience should you expect when gambling on the move?

What to Expect from one of our Mobile Casinos

The current generation of mobile casinos are almost unrecognisable from their predecessors, whether you consider their graphics or audio or the speed and authenticity of the gameplay on offer.

The mobile operators that we feature on our site have also been objectively tested and reviewed, to ensure that they offer robust 128-bit encryption on their sites and transparent return-to-player (RTP) rates.

This ensures a safe, fun and immersive mobile experience, and one that also delivers genuine peace of mind. This is the very least you deserve when gambling your hard-earned cash, whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a green novice!

What Devices are Supported Here?

As we’ve already said, the majority of games designed today are written in HTML5. This means that they’re supported across a number of different mobile devices, which is great news no matter where your smartphone allegiances lie.

We’ll explore this below, so you can get a clear idea of the devices that will allow you access to our ever-growing library of casinos.


You may be surprised to know that Android dominates the world’s smartphone market, particularly given the iconic nature of the iPhone (we’ll have more on this in a little while).

However, 90% of the world’s smartphones are powered by the Android OS, including popular handsets from Samsung, LTC, HTC to name but a few. Not only this, but the majority of Android casinos are compatible with the Android OS 4.2 and above, meaning that you should have no issue accessing a mobile casino on older devices!

More than 250 gambling and casino apps have now been added to the Google Play Store too, so you can access your favourite games here as well as through a mobile browser.


You can also access our mobile casinos across an array of different devices too, with Android and Windows exceptionally well-represented.

From the Microsoft Surface Pro range to the Acer Switch 5 and the Lenovo ThinkPad X1, there are ample ways of enjoying your favourite games. You can also wager using the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which boasts some of the best graphics imaginable.

These tablets also offer access to larger displays and high resolution graphics, which are ideal when playing themed slots and classic table games.


The iPhone is now 12 years old, but it arguably provides the best and most seamless mobile casino experience for Apple users.

This is particularly true with the latest iOS 12 operating system, which features augmented reality capability and offers faster response times than previous version. In fact, it’s thought to make apps launch two-times faster on supported devices, which should be music to the ears of casino players!

You can even access most mobile casinos on devices as old as the iPhone 6, as you don’t necessarily need to have the iOS 12 installed to play your favourite slots.


We close with Apple’s iPad, which has also become an iconic mobile device during the last decade.

The latest, sixth generation iPad will be of particular interest to gamblers, with its ample 9.7-inch display and 1536×2048 resolution capable of producing spectacular graphics. Launched last year, the model also boasts exceptional battery life, so you can enjoy live casino action without the threat of losing your connection!

Through this device, you can access outstanding mobile platforms such as the Novibet Casino and Fansbet Casino, whilst benefiting from some exceptional welcome bonuses.

The Last Word

These are just a few of the devices that are supported here at the Gambling Metropolis, with the vast majority of our casinos available across all handsets and operating systems.

Just note that some mobile casinos may be inaccessible across iOS or Android (at least for the time being), so feel free to check out our reviews before you make your first deposit!

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