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Blacklisted and rogue casinos of 2024

We often write about online casinos that we think are great and backed up with recommendations and the best online casino bonus offers.

However, along with good casinos, there are always a few bad apples: Blacklisted casinos that are deviously carrying out bad practices or not paying players their winnings. This is why we have created a detailed guide on how to spot a rogue casino and have listed those casinos that players have had bad experiences at.

We always stress that you should only sign up to a casino that is reputable and that is vetted by a gambling body.  We are not talking about casinos that have a limited number of games or lack of promotions. Those casinos might still be legitimate and treat their players fairly and squarely.

Blacklisted casinos have been created with the aim of cheating players out of their hard-earned cash. Read on to learn more.

Blacklisted Casinos

Why are online casinos blacklisted?

There is a plethora of reasons why casinos are blacklisted. Usually fueled by a myriad of complaints that fall on deaf ears, they keep letting their own players down repeatedly. If we have marked a casino backlisted, it means that it has failed to meet our expectations and would not be deemed safe.

We would definitely never recommend an online casino unless we think it’s safe, reliable and trustworthy. As a general rule, these are a few reasons why we would mark a casino as blacklisted:

  • Lack of payment
    You might want to play for fun, but you’re probably at a casino to win money. If you hit a win, you would want to get your hands on the winnings as fast possible. The best online casinos pay right away, while others can take a little longer.
    Although that might be acceptable in some cases, when a casino does not pay right away, alarm bells start ringing. That being said, not all casinos that take ages to pay out your winnings are bad. There is a good chance that you didn’t hit the withdrawal targets or the wagering requirements, which is why we always stress that you read the terms and conditions.
  • Not keeping promises
    Online casinos promote bonuses as if they are free money. However, there is nothing free about casino bonus offers. If there are no terms and conditions or they are hidden, they might be playing tricks with you.
  • Not following procedures
    It is normal for players to have either winning or losing streaks when playing any casino game, but if a website is not using a Random Number Generator, and all you get is losses, then the games are fixed. That immediately blacklists a casino.

Additionally, casinos that lack a customer support team or fails to reply to emails, and in general, not being very nice to their players, is automatically blacklisted. Failing to use appropriate encryption technology, that ensures that both personal and financial information is kept under wraps is all a big no-no.

How do I make sure that an online casino is safe?

Since you are playing online, the great thing about playing at online casinos is that players all over the world voice their opinions. You can rest assured that if a player has had a bad experience, it’s well-documented online, somewhere. Be it social media, review sites and any other website that acts as a voicing outlet.

When players encounter problems with casinos, they not only post about it online but in many instances, we have been contacted by the players themselves to ensure that we inform the public. We keep an eye out for complaints and to spot any telling patterns.

What we are going to discuss today should give you a good enough idea on how to spot rogue online casinos. You should be aware of any possible pitfalls when signing up to a rogue casino. Sign up to a bad casino and you are risking compromising your personal as well as financial information.

How does greenbet compile a list of rogue casinos?

We only promote the very best online casinos. We have a checklist and run rigorous tests before we deem a casino trustworthy. In fact, we rate each and every new casino, based on criteria including deposits and withdrawals, available payment methods, casino bonuses, customer support, game selection as well as encryption technology amongst many others.

If it is listed on greenbet, you can rest assured that it is one of the best casinos and it has ticked all the right boxes.

On the other hand, if we find that payment processing times are abysmal and customer support is mostly absent to mention a couple of examples, we will explore further and then mark them as rogue or blacklisted. The process doesn’t just happen automatically. Our team of casino reviewers carry out their research at length before deeming it safe or not.

If a casino has been blacklisted, you can rest assured that there is a valid reason for it.  You can learn more about how to spot a legitimate and trustworthy casino here.

Our rogue casinos ever de-blacklisted?

Since we are constantly doing checks, some casinos actually do manage to come off the danger list. Sometimes all it takes is a change of ownership or better clarification of rules. It can take years to brush off a bad reputation, but once a casino applies an honest approach, they can be marked safe.

This is why we keep monitoring both whitelisted and blacklisted casinos.

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