Gambling Horoscope Today – All 12 Zodiac Signs Listed Below

Gambling Horoscope Today – All 12 Zodiac Signs Listed Below
02.01.2023 • by Joe

As with all things in life, sometimes luck is in our favour.  Gamblers know this better than most, given that they take more risks and put their hard-earned cash on the line in a very real way every week compared to the average five-eighths.  While there are plenty of online gamblers who take things as they come and hope that lady luck will be on their side whenever they play, there are countless others like you who ask the question before they log in or place their first bet....

“Is today my lucky day to gamble?” 

The idea of having lucky days got us thinking about what could determine whether one person has a greater chance of hitting the jackpot on a particular day of the week, or date, compared to others.

So, we decided to do a little digging to come up with a gambling horoscope reference that you can factor into your online gaming.

So, whether you want to create a betting horoscope, or if you are curious enough to test whether your star sign has a bearing on the ups and downs of your gambling ventures, consider the following guide an introduction to that world.

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Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

Aries is the first zodiac sign, so you always want to be number one. If you’re an Aries then your gambling luck today is somewhat at the mercy of your competitive nature. Whether you feel lucky or not is less the issue.

What is more important is that no matter what game you decide to spend your time on, keeping a rein on your competitive impulses will make it an enjoyable experience as opposed to one that becomes less fun each time things don’t play out in your favour.

Aries Lucky Numbers

Those born under this zodiac sign will be pleased to learn that identifying numbers that bring lady luck is relatively simple. The astrologist and numerologist Pythagoras assigned the number 9 to Aries and Mars, its ruling planet, so 9 and its multiples are all lucky for Aries gamblers.

Aries Lucky Colours for Casino Games

In keeping with your headstrong attitude with regards to competition, the colour red makes absolute sense. It represents confidence, inspiration and is the choice for those who like to take action and control. Sound familiar?

Lucky Days for Aries Gamblers

Tuesday is a day commonly associated with Mars. Since this is Aries ruling planet then it goes without saying that this is the most favourable day. However, it’s also worth combining your new knowledge of numerology and applying it here.

So, Tuesdays in September, the 9th month of the year, or Tuesdays that fall on multiples of 9 are likely to also be lucky, e.g. 18, 27, 36 etc.

Most Suitable Casino Games for Aries

Aries naturally needs something that’s going to keep them engaged and entertained while affording them a competitive element that will satisfy. Poker is the ideal choice since it pits them against others and once they commit and learn strategies to better their games, it can make their wins that bit more satisfying.


Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus is represented by the bull and so a certain degree of stubbornness is inherent to this sign but let’s not forget that the bull is a landmark of Wall Street, arguably the hottest financial district in the world. Winning might be closer than you think….

Money is always on the minds of those that fall under this sign and they are motivated to get as much of it as they can so that they can splurge on the finer things in life.

That said, Taurus players are often recognised as those that take a certain amount of caution when gambling online. Smaller steady bets that build into a decent pot are favoured over those very occasional risky bets that put it all on the line.

Taurus gambling luck does not exist today only, at least in their minds. They believe that as they gain confidence in their ability to predict and read a game.

Taurus Lucky Numbers

Traditionally, the numbers 5 and 6 are associated with this zodiac sign. It’s worth thinking not only in terms of how you can apply these two options individually but also getting a little creative.

So, if it’s the month of May (5th), playing on the 6th day could work in your favour. Consider also adding the numbers, combining them and reversing these options.

Taurus’ Lucky Colours for Casino Games

Taurus is an earth sign and so it makes sense that the colour green brings good luck. These players like to feel grounded and the colour green inspires feelings of balance, harmony and suggests revival. Keeping the mind relaxed while engaging with the risky online gambling world is essential and this colour can help promote that.

Taurus Lucky Gambling Days

The sensual planet Venus rules over Taurus as well as Fridays. Not only is the end of the traditional working week, but you’re also feeling a little luckier on this day. If Friday falls on the 5th or 6th of the month, or even the 11th (5 + 6), then things are looking especially good for you in the casino.

Most Suitable Casino Games for Taurus Gamblers

If casino owners knew the zodiac sign of each customer they wouldn’t gain much of an advantage with regards to tailoring what they have to offer Taureans. This is because Taureans are conservative and love a game that delivers fairly predictable results and regular pay-outs. Roulette fits the bill, as does craps.


Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Oh Gemini, you do love a hot streak, don’t you? The natural instincts of this smart, communicative player are to find a game that will engage their busy minds and afford them a chance to get on a roll.

Even online, the rush that you get from a game that pushes you to embrace your skills and stick with the pace will compel you to keep on pushing until you are rewarded.

Roulette is a good game for you so give it a try if you haven’t already.

Gemini Lucky Numbers

Gemini is symbolised by twins and this is something to keep in mind when it comes to numbers. 5 and 6 are dependable, but thinking in terms of the sum of different numbers will also benefit players.

So, 15 is a positive number, since adding the two numbers included makes 6. Similarly, 14, adding the two parts lead to 5.

Gemini’s Lucky Colours for Casino Games

Gemini players are typically fun-loving so drab and bland colours are out. Yellow brings brightness, warmth and inspires feelings of aspiration and clarity so it’s perfect.

Gemini’s Lucky Gambling Days

Gemini gambling luck for today is often strong when it’s Wednesday. This is because this sign of the zodiac and Wednesday are both ruled by the planet Mercury. Since Gemini’s are natural communicators, this attribute is heightened midweek when the planets align.

Most Suitable Casino Games for Gemini Gamblers

Since Gemini’s love to be the centre of attention and thrive in the presence of a responsive crowd, the online gaming world might seem challenging. However, live skill-based games, such as poker, can scratch that itch.


Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Online gambling may have been designed for those who fall under the Cancer sign. Away from the hustle and bustle of the real world casino scene, you have a chance to gather your thoughts, focus your mind and make decisions that feel less unpredictable and spontaneous, even if these instincts work in your favour more often than not.

Cancer Lucky Numbers

For those who fall under the zodiac sign Cancer, they find the greatest success when they employ the numbers 2 and 7. People are always drawn to the number 7, given its links to completion, which stems from the Old Testament and the creation of the Earth etc. Combinations that add up to either of these numbers work well, too, e.g. 11, 34, 52.

Cancer’s Lucky Colours for Casino Games

Cancer sign gamblers are typically a creative bunch with artistic tendencies. As such, the colour silver is one that has particularly positive associations for these gamers, given its sense of mystery, aspirational connotations and the fact that it can calm those who may be feeling a little anxious as they play.

Cancer’s Lucky Gambling Days

If you’re a Cancer then your gambling luck today will be influenced by your ability to find a quiet place to engage your mind in some online casino time. The calmer the better so the weekend is a good time. However, while everyone else is counting their winnings or losses on a Monday, this can prove to be the ideal time to strike it rich as your senses are at their peak.

Most Suitable Casino Games for Cancer Gamblers

As gamblers, Cancer players like a game that will afford them the chance to socialise a bit, which is why the live casino versions of poker or blackjack are often most well enjoyed.


Leo (July 23 – August 22)

There is little that truly shakes you, is there, Leo? These players are among the most fearless when it comes to gambling. Why? Because they believe that, no matter what, they can out-bid, outwit and beat anyone or any system.

Online, they will search for the latest and greatest games and challenges, trying new slot machines or embracing a new novelty when it hits the site.

Leo Lucky Numbers

As a Leo, you want to be number 1 all the time, so it makes sense that you find the most joy with this number. However, number 5 also holds a lot of power. Think of the combinations that add up to 5 when you are placing bets and you should see favourable results, e.g. 14, 32, 50.

Leo’s Lucky Colours for Casino Gamers

Symbolised by a lion and given that it is a fire sign, it makes sense that the colour that is most closely associated with luck for Leo gamblers is gold. They believe in themselves as the most important and love all things that scream success and wealth. Gold reaffirms their self-confidence and belief and enables Leo to take great joy in their gambling efforts.

Leo’s Lucky Gambling Days

Leo gambling luck today gets a welcome boost whenever the sun shines since this star rules your sign. However, in terms of a day that makes sense for you, Sunday is, of course, the ultimate day to spin and win.

Most Suitable Casino Games for Leo Gamblers

As born leaders, it stands to reason that Leo gamblers like to take charge and stamp their authority over any game that they play. As such, competitive ventures in a live casino, such as blackjack or poker are ideal. Having a strategy is key to success in either game.


Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

It’s tough to get the pulse of a Virgo racing when they’re playing their favourite casino game, whether it’s online or in a casino. This is because anyone that is born under this sign typically takes a very pragmatic approach to gambling, adopting a position of skill and consideration over impulse and emotion.

Most other players would hope that the Virgo they’re facing has no gambling luck today because it usually means that their own odds of winning are made much worse by their presence.

Ever the strategist, a Virgo takes pride in their knowledge and skill and loves to deploy it without having to risk a whole lot.

Virgo Lucky Numbers

The best numbers that help Virgo gamblers to get the most from their online endeavours are 5 and 6. As cagey operators, they can enhance their use of these numbers by relying on them in their individuality or by coming to the casino with a prepared set of number combinations that add up to either of the two, e.g. 32 = 3+2 = 5.

Virgo’s Lucky Colours for Casino Games

While sapphire is the birthstone ascribed to Virgo gamblers, the colour green has a beneficial effect on their state of mind when they are pitting their wits against the casino. Green also has a positive calming effect that enables them to maintain their cool and focus on executing the game the way that only they can.

Virgo’s Lucky Gambling Days

Capable card players, they are ones to watch and particularly on a Wednesday when Mercury, their ruling planet, exerts its greatest influence. If you’re considering a day to play more to win as opposed to for fun, then this day of the week could prove fruitful.

Most Suitable Casino Games for Virgo Gamblers

With Virgo players, decisions are never made in a hurry; they like to weigh up their options and take a systematic approach to their gambling efforts. As such, games like blackjack are ideal because they can quickly learn a winning strategy and figure out ways to create a sustainable advantage.


Libra (September 23 – October 22)

If you are a Libra gambler then we hope that you appreciate just how stressful you make a poker table for all the other signs. Libra is famously represented by a scales and so its sides are constantly shifting up and down which, when it comes to gambling, can make them almost impossible to read.

They switch strategies, bet varying amounts and often become restless with a game and bailout for a more attractive alternative that seems a more certain gamble on paper. A gambling horoscope can only help direct their attention to a certain extent.

The online gambling world is a playground that Libra loves to have fun in. The better the story of the slots they play, the more they get caught up in it. However, rather than bet big, they tend to keep things small and straightforward.

Libra Lucky Numbers

One of the reasons that Libra gamblers enjoy quite a bit of success no matter what game they engage with is due to a greater numerical advantage that they hold. They benefit from having three different numbers that are considered lucky, which are, 5, 6 and 9. The variety of combinations that this affords them makes their time at the casino a lot of fun.

Libra’s Lucky Colours for Casino Games

Aquamarine is a powerful colour for Libra gamblers. Its light blue colour has an incredibly positive effect on players and allows them to remain calm and stay in control of their emotions. With the mind at ease and control assured over their actions, this is the ideal colour to look out for if you’re a Libra.

Libra’s Lucky Gambling Days

Libra gambling luck is at its best when today happens to be Friday, a day ruled by Venus, who coincidentally rules their sign. They benefit from a greater sense of clarity and balance on this day.

Most Suitable Casino Games for Libra

Libra players appreciate artistic worlds or graphics that engage their creative sides. As such, online casino slot games are the perfect playground to afford them the kind of wonder-filled fun that they want. Choose one that uses the colours aquamarine, light-blue, or emerald and things could work out very well.


Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Roll up for the greatest show in town. The Scorpio gambler is a sight to behold whether you’re privy to their online gambling adventures, or if you happen to catch one playing in your vicinity at the local casino. They are remarkably self-assured and self-confident in their betting.

Scorpio Lucky Numbers

One of the most interesting things about Scorpio is that it is one of only three zodiac signs that boast four different numbers that hold luck. 1, 2, 4 and 7 are the basic ones to keep an eye out for, but, of course, with a raft of combinations that can be drawn upon, it makes sense why these gamblers often enjoy a greater run of luck than many others.

Scorpio’s Lucky Colours for Casino Games

Intense colours work best for Scorpio players. Deep, mysterious and intense colours like purple are particularly beneficial since they calm inner tensions as they arise and allow gamblers under this zodiac sign to increase their focus and tap into their imagination.

Scorpio’s Lucky Gambling Days

Gamblers who fall under this sign naturally want to embrace their exceptional decision-making qualities. Scorpio is a water sign and it is ruled by Mars. Given that Mars rules over Tuesday, this is a favourable day for Scorpio to gamble.

Most Suitable Casino Games for Scorpio Gamblers

Rather than try their luck across many different games, they love to gain a level of competence and expertise in a single game and dominate. They often make for exceptional slots players, since they are certain that Scorpio gambling luck will land at some point and they are willing to ride the wave until it finally breaks in their favour.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

To the Sagittarius gambler, an online casino affords them a wealth of opportunities to continually rekindle their enthusiasm for winning and forget about any losses they have incurred so far.

This sign is renowned for its winning attitude and belief that before very long things will have to turn in their favour. As such, these players need to have a set budget before they start out and stick to it.

Sagittarius Lucky Numbers

Just like Scorpio’s gamblers, Sagittarius gamblers also benefit from having four lucky numbers to choose from when they enter the casino. There is a world of combinations and clever ways to interpret and create these numbers or use them in tandem to achieve the greatest payout at the casino. The numbers are 3, 5, 6 and 8.

Sagittarius’ Lucky Colours for Casino Games

Sagittarius gamblers love to have a lot of variety and they love to feel that a lot is going on that they can dig their claws into. As such, the colour orange is one that has positive associations with the sign of the zodiac. It inspires the adventurous spirit and stimulates a renewed sense of confidence.

Sagittarius’s Lucky Gambling Days

If you are a Sagittarius and wonder what your gambling luck will be like today, Thursdays are best. Just be sure to keep track of all those bets that you have placed and give a game a chance before you decide lady luck isn’t about.

Most Suitable Casino Games for Sagittarius Gamers

It’s not easy to pick just one game that is going to satisfy the Sagittarian gamer, given that they are constantly on the lookout for the next great entertainment feature. Finding an online casino that affords them a wealth of slots that come with amazing graphics is a good start.


Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

A Capricorn gambler is one that knows where their strengths and weaknesses lie. They love playing online poker and blackjack since they don’t have to engage in person with the other players or factor in reading their behaviour to play a winning hand.

One of the more responsible players in the online world, they have set budgets and know what they are willing to lose before ever logging in.

Capricorn gambling luck is limited today in some respects by their unwillingness to hold out for that expected pay-out when they’ve hit a run of bad form. Slots are not really the ideal casino game for them to play since the wait can prove frustrating.

Capricorn Lucky Numbers

Those born under this sign have a decent chance of winning given their slightly better than most numerical advantage. Three numbers are of particular note to Capricorn gamblers, which are, 5, 6 and 8.

There are plenty of ways that these numbers can be interpreted and combined to great effect. Adding and combining them will be beneficial for those with a creative streak.

Capricorn’s Lucky Colours for Casino Games

Given that Capricorn is an earth sign, it makes sense that the colour that has the greatest influence and beneficial attributes to it is brown. As with the earth, brown as a colour implies stability, depth and fosters feelings of pragmatism, all of which are welcome to the Capricorn gambler.

Capricorn’s Lucky Gambling Days

Saturn is the planet that rules over Capricorn, which is why they are usually such hard-working, responsible people. Saturn also rules over Saturday, making it a lucky day to gamble for Capricornians.

Most Suitable Casino Games for Capricorn Gamblers

While Capricorns are practical in terms of how they approach life and responsible when they step into a casino or log in online, they still have their eyes on possessions and want to win. Given their practical nature, learning a skills-based game and putting in the time to develop a degree of competence that affords them the satisfaction that comes with winning makes sense.

Poker and blackjack are where they can excel.


Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

If you are an Aquarius gambler then the chances are that you’ve already experienced quite a bit of luck. This sign is typically associated with winning in the casino.

A volatile sign, in some ways like Libra, the big difference here is that sudden changes in tactics or betting stakes or strategies are informed by their innate ability to strategise and think quickly. In the live forum, they are skilful at using surprise to unnerve opponents and disarm them to take the win.

Logic is their forte and they keep their cards close to their chest in all manners of speaking when gambling. Live poker and slot machines are preferable and Aquarius gambling luck, today or any day, will be influenced in part by focus and concentration.

Aquarius Lucky Numbers

Aquarius gamblers are the final group that benefit from having four numbers that are lucky for them. The numbers in question are 2, 3, 7 and 9. Given the old phrase that “three is a magic number” and the fact that so many places great value on number 7, given that it is tied into our evolution from the days of the Old Testament, you’re already off to a winning start.

Aquarius’ Lucky Colours for Casino Games

You’d never know it to look at an Aquarius gambler but they are often lacking a little hope and self-confidence. As such, they often take comfort in the colour turquoise, which fills them with inspiration and allows them to focus on harnessing their incredibly lucky side.

Aquarius’ Lucky Gambling Days

If you are still wondering what are my lucky days to gamble, Saturdays suit best since this zodiac sign is ruled by Saturn. On this day, in particular, you may find that your creative juices are flowing a little more and that you have many more intuitive revelations that will increase your chances of winning.

Most Suitable Casino Games for Aquarius Gamblers

Texas Hold ‘Em and slot machines are a great choice since they thrive on a sense of volatility that challenges them to combine their logical and intuitive powers.


Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces gamblers often learn the hard way where their best options lie in online or live gambling situations. They are often influenced heavily by their emotions, which makes them susceptible to placing large bets that may not even result in a very substantial payout even if they come off. Strategic and skill-based games can be challenging.

Pisces gambling luck today will benefit from engaging a game that alleviates pressure situations and allows them to immerse themselves in the world. Online slots are a great choice, given the fantastic graphics and storytelling.

Pisces Lucky Numbers

Pisces gamblers enjoy the casino most when they have a few tricks up the sleeve that will help them to make smart decisions. As such, where numbers are concerned, the good news is that 3 and 7 are two dependable options.

Pisces’ Lucky Colours for Casino Games

Any Pisces gambler that has been to an online casino or a real-world casino a few times already will likely have some sort of anxiety when they return, since things may not have worked favourably for them before.

However, the colour green is something to watch out for, since it gets rid of any insecurities and promotes a sense of new beginnings and possibilities.

Pisces Lucky Gambling Days

Thursdays, in particular, are best for Pisces gamblers since they are ruled by Jupiter. Thursdays afford a greater sense of self-confidence and connection to their intuition, all of which makes them a little more formidable.

Most Suitable Casino Games for Pisces Gamblers

Keeping things relatively simple is the best strategy for any Pisces gambler. You really need to know the room before you sit at any table since your trusting nature could result in loss. Slots and live roulette are great choices to get your juices flowing.


What If Today Isn’t Supposed To Be My Lucky Day?

Fortunately, astrology only plays so much of a part in any online gambling venture. The odds at any casino ensure that payouts happen all the time, so even if you’ve been on a losing streak for a while, don’t worry, things usually come back around before too long and you’ll be flying high again soon.

We hope that the above guide helps you to come up with an answer the next time you ask yourself “Is today my lucky day to gamble?” Happy gaming!

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