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About the game

I had the incredible opportunity to embark on a mesmerizing journey with Elements: The Awakening, a remarkable game released back in 2012. This enchanting slot machine developed by NetEnt transports players to a whole new dimension, where an array of captivating worlds awaits. Each world is imbued with its own unique element, creating an immersive experience like no other. What truly sets this game apart is its astounding 96.02% return to player (RTP) rate, ensuring that every spin holds the potential for infinite possibilities. As I delved deeper into this virtual realm, I found myself completely engrossed in the stunning visuals and exhilarating gameplay. It was as if I had stepped into a universe where the elements themselves came alive, guiding me through an extraordinary adventure. I couldn't help but marvel at the seamless fusion of technology and artistry that went into crafting this masterpiece. With every spin, I felt a sense of anticipation, wondering what new wonders awaited me. It was an exhilarating experience, filled with suspense, joy, and the thrill of winning. Elements: The Awakening is truly a testament to NetEnt's dedication to creating innovative and immersive gaming experiences. I highly recommend this extraordinary slot machine to anyone seeking an unforgettable journey into another dimension.

The appearance of the slot machine, with five reels and three rows, may seem typical, but with every successful hit, players gain additional opportunities, creating an unlimited feeling to the free spins bonus.

What are the rules for playing Elements The Awakening?

When playing the online game Elements The Awakening, the player's sole responsibility is to keep wagering in an effort to achieve the highest potential winnings. To accomplish this, one must make a choice between engaging in the free trial version or placing bets in Australian Dollars. It is crucial to consider the options available and determine the most suitable approach to proceed with the game.

I'll never forget the time I made a crucial decision. It was a defining moment that allowed me to truly take control of my destiny. Once I had made up my mind, it was time to fine-tune my strategy and adapt it to my individual preferences. In the world of betting, flexibility is key. I had the freedom to adjust my bets to any value I desired, ranging from a modest 0.20 coins to a daring 100 coins. This allowed me to tailor my gameplay according to my level of confidence and the value I placed on each coin. Of course, it was important to strike a balance between ambition and prudence. I carefully set an amount that I knew I could comfortably maintain without jeopardizing my overall balance. It was all about staying grounded, managing my resources wisely, and ensuring that I could sustain my chosen path for the long haul.

Game rules

  • Elements The Awakening is designed with a fixed number of 20 paylines that are not adjustable.
  • A minimum of 3 matching symbols on a payline is required to win.
  • The counting of combinations only includes those that begin from the leftmost column and move towards the right.
  • The wild symbol has the ability to adjust to the bonus feature and create unique outcomes.
  • Each unique combination removes identical symbols and permits the substitution of other symbols in their respective positions.
  • When four consecutive matches are made, the avalanche meter is filled, resulting in the activation of free spins.
  • The energy meter is replenished with a combination of elements, and the dominant one determines the outcome when free spins are triggered.

Icons, Strokes, and Transactions

Elements The Awakening presents 20 evenly distributed paylines, where symbols merge and vanish, enabling numerous back-to-back combinations with just one wager.

In me own experience playin' this 'ere game called Elements The Awakening, I found meself needin' a bit o' help with all the different combinations. Luckily, they 'ad these Wild symbols in the form of a box that could take the place o' other symbols. A Scatter might be missin', but that didn't stop me from 'avin' a jolly good time and winnin' some decent loot with the sequences in this game.

In my personal experience, the game I played had a fascinating array of symbols, a total of eight, each one representing the elemental forces of fire, earth, air, and water. These symbols were not your ordinary run-of-the-mill ones, but rather unique creatures crafted from these very elements. As I delved further into the game, I discovered that the first group of symbols didn't quite offer as many unexpected rewards as I had hoped for. However, there was one symbol that stood out among the rest - the fire creature. This fiery being had the potential to grant an astonishing payout of up to 1,500 times the bet per line, especially when fortunate players managed to land five of them on the reels. It was truly a sight to behold and an opportunity not to be missed.

Unlock the exciting bonuses and enjoy free spins in Elements: The Awakening.

To activate the free spins feature in the game Elements The Awakening, players need to form consecutive combinations as there are no Scatter or bonus symbols present.

I remember this one time when I was playing a game and something truly remarkable happened. You see, it was all about these combinations, and when four of them lined up perfectly, it triggered this amazing avalanche effect. And guess what? The reward for achieving this feat was a whopping 10 free spins! But here's the twist: the key to determining the type of free spins you would get depended on the most crucial element within those combinations. It was like the fate of the free spins was in the hands of these mystical creatures, each with their own unique powers. It was both thrilling and nerve-wracking to see which creature would be responsible for granting me those precious free spins.

Depending on the specific element present, the Wild symbols that emerge while enjoying free spins serve distinct purposes.

  • Fire Storm Wild: Triggered when fire becomes the dominant force, igniting the Wild to expand throughout neighboring columns, generating fresh amalgamations.
  • Air Storm Wilds: Wild symbols with an air element appear in pairs at random positions and continue to shift with every subsequent spin or winning combination.
  • Earth Storm Unleashed: Within the realm of the earth element, Wild symbols materialize on reels 2, 3, or 4 and remain locked in place for three combinations or until they exhaust their power.
  • Water Storm Wild: By incorporating Water element Wilds, players will witness symbols extending across the entire column, resulting in an amplified number of winning combinations.

The Design and Sound of Elements: The Awakening.

If you ever come across the game Elements The Awakening, you'll be taken aback by its stunning graphics and effects. It's hard to believe that this slot machine was released back in 2012, given how visually impressive it is. But then again, when you know that NetEnt is behind it, you can't help but expect nothing less than excellence. This renowned provider has always been synonymous with top-notch quality in their games.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it worth playing Elements The Awakening?

    Undoubtedly, Elements The Awakening is a slot game that should definitely be experienced at least once.

  • What is the method to play Elements The Awakening on a mobile device?

    Select one of the suggested virtual casinos, sign in using your smartphone, and look for the NetEnt game to enjoy.

  • Steps to Trigger Free Spins

    Achieve a consecutive sequence of four combinations with a single wager.

  • What is the strategy for achieving victory in this game?

    The most optimal outcomes are achieved when specific combinations are formed in a particular order during the duration of free spins.

  • What is the Maximum Betting Amount for Each Round?

    You can begin with a mere 0.20 coins and increase it to 100 coins per spin.