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About the game

NetEnt, the renowned provider, introduced Disco Danny, an online slot featuring a 96.04% RTP, a modest 5 paylines, and 3 reels. This game exudes a nostalgic charm reminiscent of vintage or traditional slots.

Playing this game is an absolute blast, mate. The animation is top-notch, featuring funky graphics and a lively environment that'll have any player dancing with joy. And let me tell you, the music is pure disco magic, setting the perfect mood for a groovy gaming experience. But the real excitement comes with each spin, where the chance to win up to a whopping 4,500 times your bet awaits. This game is all about high volatility, my friend, giving you that adrenaline rush with the potential for some seriously big wins. So grab your dancing shoes and get ready to boogie with this thrilling game!

What are the steps to start playing the game Disco Danny?

Playing Disco Danny is an absolute breeze, mate. No need to go digging for some hidden secret. Once you've made up your mind on whether you want to give it a go for free or with a bit of real dosh, it's all about setting your bet. And let me tell you, you've got a fair dinkum range to choose from, anywhere between 0.10 and a whopping 250 coins! That means this game caters to everyone, no matter their fancy or their financial situation. You're in control, cobber, every step of the way.

As an avid player, I've always had a knack for exploring different strategies and features while indulging in my favourite online games. Whether I'm feeling lucky and going for those high-value combinations or aiming for free spins with generous multipliers, I love to take advantage of every opportunity. And that's where the turbo mode and autoplay feature come into play, conveniently situated on the opposite sides of the spin button. These nifty functions allow me to kick things up a notch and truly immerse myself in the exhilarating world of online gaming.

Game rules

  • Disco Danny features a total of 5 permanent paylines.
  • The potential reward in the game can reach up to 4,500 times the initial bet, making it a highly valuable proposition.
  • The occurrence of combinations is always in a left to right order.
  • Disco Danny does not feature a wild symbol.
  • The Scatter symbol in the game is the Disco King, featuring a white-clad dancer, and it awards payouts regardless of its position on the reels.

Icons, Markings, and Financial Transactions

I remember playing this game once, and I must say, the blue dancer stole the spotlight as the top symbol. It was like the king or queen of the game, towering above the rest. Whenever three of them appeared in a line, it felt like a small victory, as if they were celebrating my good fortune. And boy, did they reward me handsomely! They paid out a whopping 10 times my initial bet, making me feel like I had hit the jackpot. But let's not forget about the roller skates, those sleek and speedy symbols that came in second place. They may not have been as regal as the blue dancer, but they definitely knew how to make an entrance. Whenever three of them glided across the reels, they paid out 6 times my bet, which was a pretty impressive reward. And lastly, we have the number "7", a symbol that carried a sense of luck and charm. Whenever three of these magical numbers aligned, they gifted me with a 4x payout, adding a touch of excitement to my gameplay. All in all, these symbols were the stars of the show, bringing joy, anticipation, and generous rewards to my gaming experience.

I'll never forget the time I was playing on a slot machine at the local casino in Australia. This particular machine had a unique feature that I hadn't seen before. It had three different BAR symbols that could pay out different amounts, ranging from 1x to 3x the bet, depending on which symbol you landed on. It was an exciting twist to the game, as you never knew how much you could win with each spin. But here's where it gets really interesting. The machine allowed you to combine different BAR symbols on the same line, giving you the chance to win even if you didn't get a high-paying symbol. In fact, any combination of BAR symbols would still give you a payout of 0.6x the bet. It was a clever way to ensure that players didn't walk away empty-handed, even if they didn't hit the jackpot. I found myself constantly trying different combinations of BAR symbols, hoping to strike it lucky and win big. It added a whole new level of excitement to the game, and I couldn't get enough of it. The thrill of seeing those symbols align on the reels and knowing that I was guaranteed a payout, even if it wasn't the highest one, kept me coming back for more. It just goes to show that sometimes, even the smallest wins can make a big difference and keep you entertained in the world of gambling.

Oh, let me tell you about this incredible symbol in the game, mate! It's called the Disco King, and it's a ripper. You won't believe it, but this symbol can pay you a whopping 100 times your bet! And here's the best part, it doesn't even matter where it lands on the reels, as long as you got three of 'em. You could be winning big even if they're not on the paylines, I tell ya! Now, don't take your eyes off those Scatters, mate. They come in the form of silver or gold globes. And guess what? They give you free spins! Yeah, you heard it right. These shiny little things can unlock some real bonza opportunities for ya, mate. So, keep an eye out for 'em while you're spinning those reels. Trust me, you don't wanna miss out on the chance to dance with the Disco King and score some free spins with those magical globes. It's a real thrill, and it can make your gaming experience a fair dinkum ripper!

Groovy Danny Extra and Complimentary Spins

When you successfully land three globes of any shade on the spinning reels, you'll unlock the exhilarating free spins feature in the game. Once activated, you'll notice that only magnificent golden disco balls grace the screen during this thrilling bonus round. To begin with, you'll be granted three free spins, and the counter resets every time a globe comes into view.


I've always loved playing this amazing gambling game that involves these colorful globes. What makes it so exciting is that each globe you collect adds a unique multiplier to your bet, and these multipliers can range anywhere from 1 to a whopping 50! Can you believe it? It's like a wild rollercoaster ride for your winnings. And here's the catch: once you manage to fill all nine spaces with these globes, you level up! It's like climbing a ladder of fortune. But that's not all, with each level, there's an additional multiplier that multiplies the multiple you've already reached, resulting in even bigger and better winnings. It's like a never-ending treasure hunt!

  • Level 1: x1
  • Level 2: x2
  • Level 3: x3
  • Level 4: x5
  • Level 5: x10

Well, let me tell you about my experience playing the Disco Danny game. From the start, it was abundantly clear that if you wanted to come out on top, you had to rely on the golden globes free spins to bring you some serious luck. I mean, that was the key to unlocking the maximum win in this game. It's like stumbling upon a hidden treasure, you know? The anticipation grew as I watched the reels spin, hoping for those golden globes to show up and grant me some free spins. And let me tell you, when it finally happened, it felt like hitting the jackpot! Those free spins opened up a whole new world of possibilities, propelling my winnings to new heights. It was truly a game-changer, giving me the opportunity to reap the maximum benefits from my time spent playing Disco Danny. So if you ever find yourself in the midst of this game, remember, the secret lies in those golden globes free spins. They hold the power to turn an ordinary play into an extraordinary win. Trust me, it's worth chasing after them with all you've got.

Revamp your audio experience with the remarkable Disco Danny Design and Sound.

I found myself stepping onto the dance floor of the Disco Danny game, an absolute gem among the vibrant online slot machines crafted by NetEnt. As I gazed at the screen, I couldn't help but admire the impeccable graphics that adorned this 2020 release, a testament to the incredible attention to detail. The pulsating beats of the music flooded my ears, infusing the air with an electrifying dance ambiance that enticed me to groove along. It was as if the game had transported me to a disco wonderland, where the party never ceased.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I give Disco Danny a shot?

    With a return to player (RTP) rate of more than 96% and an enticing free spins feature filled with multipliers, absolutely, it's definitely worth your while.

  • What is the procedure for playing Disco Danny on a mobile device?

    Opt for one of the recommended online casinos and pick the Disco Danny game through the website or app on your mobile device.

  • What are the steps to activate Free Spins?

    In order to succeed in the main game, it is essential to have the good fortune of obtaining three disco balls.

  • What is the Optimal Approach to Play?

    Undoubtedly, the key to success lies in maintaining a balanced bet, ensuring a prolonged gameplay in order to secure victory.

  • What is the maximum amount you can wager in each round?

    Bet amounts range from a mere 0.10 coins to a whopping maximum of 250.