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About the game

In 2019, Dead or Alive II burst onto the scene, a decade after the triumph of its predecessor. NetEnt, the masterminds behind the game, crafted a sequel that seamlessly blended a tempting RTP of 96.82% with a rollercoaster ride of volatility and humble wagers. Brace yourself for a whirlwind of excitement as you dive into this electrifying gaming experience, where players are in for a multitude of pleasant surprises.

No doubt, what really draws players to this particular slot machine is its massive payout of 100,000 times the initial bet. The allure lies not only in the grand sum but also in the abundance of Wild symbols, free spins, and a Scatter feature with generous rewards. These enticing elements combine to create an irresistible gaming experience that captivates players from the get-go.

Tips and Tricks for Mastering Dead or Alive 2 Gameplay

When it comes to playing Dead or Alive II, there's an important decision to make right from the start. You can either opt for the free version, which allows you to test the game and have some fun without any real money involved, or you can take the plunge and place your bets with actual cash. Once you've made up your mind on which path to take, it's time to familiarize yourself with the controls. If you've played other NetEnt games before, you'll find the controls in Dead or Alive II quite similar. On the bottom bar of the screen, you'll notice two sets of controls - one on the left and one on the right. The left side allows you to adjust your bet by level, while the right side enables you to adjust the value of your bet. Take your time to get comfortable with these controls, as they will play a crucial role in your gameplay experience.

I love playing this awesome slot machine where you have the freedom to customize your bets. The magical number for this game is 9, so you can choose anywhere between 0.09 and 9 coins per bet. It's a high volatility game, which means that it's more sensible to place lower bets. When you're ready to start spinning those reels, simply click on the central spin button. And if you prefer a more hands-free experience, you can also make use of the convenient auto play button located right next to it. So much flexibility and excitement in one game!

Game rules

  • The number of fixed paylines in Dead or Alive II is only 9.
  • A mind-blowing jackpot of up to 100,000 times the wager can be claimed.
  • The left-to-right direction always dictates the occurrence of combinations.
  • The Wild symbol can replace all other symbols in combinations, with the exception of the Scatter symbol.
  • Winnings can be acquired only when there are combinations of over 3 symbols on a payline, except for Scatter, which grants payouts with just 2 symbols in any position.

Icons, Dividers, and Transactions

I remember vividly the thrill of playing the game Dead or Alive II by NetEnt. With its 9 paylines and bets in multiples of 9, the experience was nothing short of enthralling. What caught my attention right from the start was the high volatility of the game, which meant that winning combinations were not as frequent as in other games. However, this only added to the excitement, as every win felt like a well-deserved triumph. And let me tell you, the winnings were usually more than just good – they were exceptional. It was as if luck was on my side, rewarding my persistence with generous payouts. Exploring the various features and symbols in Dead or Alive II was like embarking on an adventurous journey. The game was beautifully designed, with stunning visuals and immersive sound effects that transported me to the Wild West. With each spin, I held my breath, hoping for the iconic symbols to align and trigger the bonus rounds. And when they did, the anticipation reached its peak, knowing that big wins were within reach. Dead or Alive II truly captured the essence of a thrilling gambling experience, where risk and reward went hand in hand. It taught me the importance of strategic betting and patience, as I waited for the perfect moment to strike. The game may not have offered frequent combinations, but when luck did shine upon me, it was an unforgettable rush. Dead or Alive II remains one of my all-time favorite games, reminding me that sometimes, the best things come to those who wait.

The distribution of the winnings among the current symbols is outlined below: two commonly occurring high-value symbols, three moderately occurring symbols with winning potential, and five less frequent symbols with lower winnings.

The thrill of playing is just exhilarating, mate! I mean, have you ever experienced the rush of winning big with those Wild combinations and Scatters? It's bloody unreal! Trust me, the winnings from those babies completely overshadow any other wins you may have. What's even better is that the Scatter not only triggers free spins but also pays out handsomely, even if you only get 2 symbols. No need to rely on those pesky lines to generate combinations, you know. It's like hitting the jackpot without even trying! And let's not forget about the Wilds, mate. They have this magical power to substitute for other symbols, creating winning combinations that can have you jumping for joy. The excitement of seeing those Wilds line up perfectly on the reels is like nothing else. So, if you're looking for some serious winnings and a whole lot of fun, keep your eyes peeled for those Wild combinations and Scatters. They're the real game-changers, mate. Get ready to have the time of your life and rake in the rewards!

Earn bonus rewards and enjoy free spins with Dead or Alive II.

When three or more Scatter symbols appear on the Dead or Alive II slot, players will receive a total of 10 free spins to be used in any of the three available bonus games.

  • In the event that the free spins in Old Saloon game mode are triggered, any winnings obtained will be doubled, and if any Sticky Wilds appear, they will remain in place to create more winning combinations. Additionally, the player will be rewarded with an extra 5 free spins.
  • In the High Noon Saloon, if any Sticky Wilds show up, the player gets rewarded with 5 extra free spins. Moreover, when there are 2 Wild symbols on a reel, they turn into multipliers with a 2x value, and if there are 3 Wild symbols on the same reel, the multipliers increase to 3x.
  • During the Train Heist Free Spins feature, each occurrence of a Wild symbol boosts the multiplier for winnings by 1, while also awarding the player 1 extra spin. This multiplier can climb up to 16x, and once it reaches this maximum, the player gains 5 more free spins.

The Visuals and Audio of Dead or Alive II

As a 2019 release, the graphics and animations of this game are truly top-notch, capturing my attention from the get-go. The sound effects, in particular, are incredibly immersive and transport me into an old-west movie scene, where the thrill of pursuing riches takes center stage. The developers have certainly nailed the essence of this genre, creating an experience that feels authentic and exhilarating. Moreover, the attention to detail in the graphics and animations further enhances the overall gameplay, making it even more captivating and enjoyable. It's impressive to see how technology has advanced, allowing games like this to provide such a visually stunning and captivating experience. The combination of stunning visuals and immersive sound effects truly sets this game apart from others in its genre, making it a standout choice for any player seeking a thrilling and profitable gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I give Dead or Alive II a try?

    Indeed, Dead or Alive II boasts an impressive RTP along with remarkable bonuses and substantial winnings featuring top-tier symbols. Nevertheless, its considerable volatility demands a patient approach.

  • A guide to enjoying Dead or Alive II on your mobile device

    Select one of our suggested online casinos and experience Dead or Alive II on your mobile device. Simply launch it, similar to how you would on your computer.

  • Are the RTP rates favorable?

    Indeed, having a return to player (RTP) rate higher than 96% is generally regarded as a favorable benchmark. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take into account the various other attributes as well.

  • Tips for Selecting the Best Free Spins Bonus

    The activation of free spins bonuses is beyond control as they are randomly assigned, leaving no room for selection.

  • What is the maximum bet amount per round?

    The game offers a range of betting options, with minimum stakes starting at 0.09 and maximum bets going up to 9 coins, ensuring that players can enjoy a low stakes experience.