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About the game

I have to tell you, mate, Cleopatra is an absolute legend in the world of slot machines. It's one of those Classics that never loses its charm. Now, you won't find any fancy graphics or updated visuals in this game, but let me tell you, the gameplay is as solid as ever. Believe it or not, it's been going strong since 2005, and it hasn't changed a bit. The developers did, however, adapt it for mobile devices using this fancy HTML5 technology. So, now you can play Cleopatra on your phone or tablet, wherever you fancy. And here's the kicker, the Return to Player (RTP) is a solid 95.7%, so you have a pretty good chance of winning some sweet loot. It's like the game is a timeless treasure that keeps on giving. So, if you're after a classic slot experience that never gets old, Cleopatra is the way to go.

I've always found one of the most alluring aspects of being a player is the generous betting limits that come with the game. It's amazing to think that one can place a staggering 20,000 coins on a single bet! Of course, this is only applicable if the player chooses to activate all 20 paylines. It adds an exciting element of risk and possibility to the gameplay. It's like venturing into uncharted territory, not knowing what fortunes await. It certainly keeps me on the edge of my seat, wondering if luck will be on my side. The thrill of placing such high stakes is unmatched, and the potential rewards make it all the more enticing. I can't help but feel a surge of excitement as I make my decision, contemplating whether to go all in or play it safe. Each spin of the reels is a heart-pounding moment, filled with anticipation and the hope of a substantial win. It's a game that truly tests your nerve and daring, and I find myself drawn to its exhilarating nature. Betting with such high limits allows me to experience the game in its full glory, pushing the boundaries and embracing the excitement that comes with taking risks. It's a gamble worth taking, and the rewards, both financial and emotional, are simply unparalleled.

What are the rules for playing Cleopatra?

In Australia, playing Cleopatra on an online slot machine is refreshingly uncomplicated, much like other similar games. All you need to do is choose your desired bet level. This can be done simply by clicking on the button located either on the left side or the bottom bar, depending on the version you are playing. There's no need for any confusing instructions or complicated rules. Just focus on setting your bet and let the game unfold before your eyes. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the world of online slots, Cleopatra offers a straightforward and enjoyable gaming experience for all Australians.

In case it's your preference, the player has the option to reduce the cost of matches by selecting fewer paylines. However, keep in mind that this choice also reduces the likelihood of winning.

I've always found it helpful to have options when it comes to online casinos. That's why I appreciate the fact that there are recommended ones out there that allow you to play for free. It's a great way to get a feel for the games and see if they suit your style. Of course, if you do decide to play for real money, it's important to be mindful of your betting level. You don't want to go overboard and risk more than you can comfortably handle. So, take your time, adjust your bets accordingly, and enjoy the excitement responsibly.

Next, you can simply tap on the spin button to start playing, or opt for the convenient autoplay feature by selecting the blue autoplay button, if it is present.

Game rules

  • Cleopatra offers 20 paylines, allowing players to decrease their bet and improve their odds of winning.
  • In this game, the highest possible prize is a whopping 10,000 times the initial wager.
  • The sequences consistently occur in a left-to-right manner.
  • The Cleopatra icon, acting as the Wild symbol, is unique in that it does not triple the winnings obtained in the free spins round.
  • Wild participation will result in a doubling of any winnings.

Icons, Markings, and Financial Transactions

I remember this one time when I was playing a slot game called Cleopatra. It was so much fun because Cleopatra herself was the main symbol in the game. And guess what? She even paid out if you got just two of her symbols! It was quite rare to find a symbol like that. When I managed to get five Cleopatra symbols in a payline, I won a whopping 10,000 coins! It was such a thrilling moment. What made it even better was that Cleopatra also acted as a wild symbol, meaning she could substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations. It really increased my chances of winning big!

In me experience, there be a total of twelve symbols to be reckonin' with in this game. Now, mind ya, there be two medium symbols that can fetch ya a decent haul, six symbols that be payin' next to nothin', and three others that lie somewhere in between. The beauty of it all be that ye can rack up yer treasure trove at any level, dependin' solely on the whims o' Lady Luck. It's a true test o' fate, where ye can amass yer booty with any one o' these dozen symbols at yer disposal.

In my personal experience, I have come to appreciate the significance of not only the aforementioned symbols but also the sphinx emblem in particular, as it holds great value even with a mere duo of symbols. Remarkably, the sphinx assumes the role of the Scatter in this captivating game, granting payouts regardless of its position on the reels, surpassing the limitations of typical paylines. Beyond its lucrative nature of awarding up to 100 times the initial bet with a set of five symbols, the sphinx also serves as the catalyst for activating the exhilarating bonus round within the game.

Exclusive Rewards and Unique Icons from Cleopatra

I've always found the Wild feature in Cleopatra to be incredibly handy when it comes to boosting my earnings and improving my chances of hitting big wins. However, the real treasure lies in the free spins bonus, which is triggered by the Scatter symbol. The moment I manage to land at least three Scatters on the reels, a whopping 15 free spins are instantly activated. And let me tell you, those free spins have the potential to lead to some seriously impressive payouts.

During the bonus round in the IGT Cleopatra game, all winnings that do not include the Cleopatra symbol will be multiplied by three.

The Design and Sound of Cleopatra

The music and symbols of the Cleopatra slot machine are not overly complex, reflecting the era when the game was first launched. However, if you're not too concerned about flashy animations and instead prioritize engaging gameplay and rewarding bonuses, you can still have an enjoyable experience without getting bored of the game's sounds and visuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Cleopatra a Game Worth Trying Out?

    Cleopatra stands out as an incredibly popular slot game, captivating players worldwide with its enticing bonuses and impressive profits that are truly worth experiencing.

  • What are the steps to play Cleopatra on a mobile device?

    Simply use your preferred mobile device to visit one of the suggested online casinos and enjoy playing via their official website or dedicated app.

  • What is the quality of the RTP?

    Yes, the return to player (RTP) is in close proximity to the 96% benchmark, indicating that the game offers favorable payouts.

  • Tips for Winning Free Spins

    In order to win bigger prizes, it is essential to have a minimum of three Sphinx symbols, which act as the Scatter in this game, present in any location. The greater the quantity of these symbols, the higher the potential payout.

  • What is the Maximum Bet Allowed for Each Round?

    The minimum bet amount is 20 coins, while the maximum bet amount reaches up to 20,000 coins.