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About the game

In my personal experience, I came across Asgardian Stones, a fantastic online slot game brought to life by NetEnt in 2018. To my surprise, this gem of a game hasn't garnered the recognition it truly deserves. It's a shame because the graphics are absolutely stunning, grabbing your attention from the get-go. The good news is, it's readily available in many top-notch online casinos that prioritize quality. And let's not forget about its impressive RTP of 96.4%, ensuring players have a fair chance at reaping the rewards.

Drawing inspiration from the mythical tales of Norse gods, Asgardian Stones beckons players to embark on a quest to uncover the enigmatic wonders of ancient deities. By intertwining their symbols, this captivating game offers a thrilling blend of unexpected free spins and multipliers for a truly immersive gaming experience.

What are the steps for playing the game Asgardian Stones?

Start by trying out the game at suggested internet casinos that offer a complimentary trial. Afterwards, you'll be all set to delve into the mythical realm of Asgard and place real bets.

Just like other slot games by NetEnt, players can customize both the coin value and the bet level, resulting in a range of total bets per spin, starting from 0.20 coins going up to 200 coins.

The AutoPlay feature enables players to observe the slot machine spinning without any manual intervention, while the larger spin button initiates the round when pressed.

Game rules

  • Asgardian Stones offers 20 fixed paylines where winning combinations can be formed.
  • Receiving bonuses holds great significance as it allows you to seize up to 25 times your initial wager through a combination.
  • The counting of combinations starts from the left and progresses towards the right direction.
  • Each combination removes the symbols that are combined, creating space for fresh symbols and potential additional prizes.

Icons, Markings, and Financial Transactions

In the mystical realm of Asgardian Stones, an exhilarating slot game, you'll encounter a fascinating array of eight symbols that hold the key to unimaginable fortunes. Among these symbols, five stand tall as mighty Norse gods, bestowing generous rewards upon those who dare to spin the reels. Odin, the enigmatic one-eyed deity, reigns supreme as the most revered symbol, commanding a staggering 25 times the initial bet should fortune smile upon you with a line adorned by five of his majestic visages. Not to be outdone, Odin also graciously grants 5 times the bet for a quartet of his divine images, and a modest but still satisfying 2 times the wager for a trio of his omnipotent presence.

I've had the chance to explore this fantastic game where the gods take center stage. Now, here's the interesting part - each god pays out differently. Some gods pay out a pretty decent amount, while others pay out less but still a fair sum. The three letters, on the other hand, have a relatively low payout, with the maximum being only 1.5 times the initial bet when you manage to land five of them. But here's the thing, these lower payouts are actually quite strategic. You see, the game is designed in such a way that it offers the potential for multiple consecutive wins. And not just that, there are also various bonuses within the game that can boost your winnings even further. So, while the payouts for the three letters may seem modest, they actually play a crucial role in creating a thrilling and rewarding gaming experience.

There are a grand total of 20 paylines available, where Wild symbols can also make an appearance, substituting for any other symbols in winning combinations.

Additional reward granted by the mythical game Asgardian Stones.

  • Enormous Icons: With the exception of the Wild (limited to free spins), all symbols have the potential to be colossal, taking up 2×2 or 3×3 positions on the 5×3 grid. This provides a greater opportunity to win and removes additional frames when forming combinations.
  • Symbol of Devastation: In the event of a colossal symbol descending without sufficient room, it possesses the power to crush the symbols beneath it. With each row crushed, the game is enhanced by an incremental multiplier, capped at a maximum of 4x.
  • Google's Wheel of Fortune is an enormous 3x3 animated symbol that exclusively appears on the final three reels. Its purpose is to spin and reward players with either free spins or coins. The player receives a prize for each row occupied by the wheel, with a maximum potential of 36x the bet (surpassing the highest-paying symbol) or 15 free spins.
  • The sole method to acquire complimentary spins is by using the wheel of fortune, since there are no bonus symbols or scatters. Consequently, players are granted 5 to 15 free spins, where even a massive Wild can emerge. Furthermore, it is possible to secure extra free spins, extending the total to a maximum of 25 additional spins, resulting in a grand total of 40.

The Asgardian Stones boast exceptional design and sound quality.

Ever played Asgardian Stones? It's one of those fantastic online pokies by NetEnt that really blow you away with their top-notch animations. And let me tell you, the sound effects are absolutely out of this world! They couldn't be further from the typical "ding-ding" you'd expect from a standard slot game. Instead, they perfectly complement the epic theme of a grand adventure that awaits you, right from the moment you start spinning those reels. Trust me, it's an experience you won't soon forget!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to enjoy the Asgardian Stones game without having to pay?

    Sure, you can easily access the game for free by selecting the trial or demo option, which is provided by the top online casinos we suggest.

  • What are the steps to play Asgardian Stones on a mobile device?

    Certain online casinos provide an application, while others present a mobile adaptation of their website, enabling players to enjoy games on their smartphones and tablets.

  • Does the Return to Player (RTP) of the game meet the expectations?

    Indeed, a RTP value of 96.40% can be deemed quite satisfactory.

  • What is the maximum number of free spins that can be won?

    During this bonus round, a fortunate wheel has the potential to grant players as many as 15 complimentary spins, and it is also possible to secure extra spins, with a maximum limit of 25.

  • Who Can Play?

    Every adult in Australia has the opportunity to place bets on the Asgardian Stones.