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About the game

I once had the pleasure of playing Arabian Nights, an online pokie created by the famous NetEnt back in 2005. This game took me on a magical journey through the deserts of the Middle East, with its traditional setup of 5 reels and 3 rows. What intrigued me the most was its progressive jackpot feature, which added an extra level of excitement to the gameplay. However, I quickly realized that the game's 95.22% RTP didn't provide much insight into the potential treasures that awaited lucky players like myself. It was a game of chance, where rare and incredible winnings could be just a spin away.

Ah, mate, let me tell ya, this slot game is a real gem in the land of Arabian themes. Back in the day, when game graphics were still as basic as a snag on the barbie, this beauty emerged as a true pioneer. And let me tell ya, it's not just any game for any old player. Nah, it's a real hit among those who get a kick out of reliving the good ol' days of gaming nostalgia. Trust me, it's a sought-after treasure for the true players out there.

What are the rules for playing Arabian Nights?

Once you discover a reputable Online Casino featuring top-notch games like the ones we endorse, make sure to indulge in a complimentary session of Arabian Nights before diving into real-money play.

I've had the pleasure of trying out Arabian Nights, and let me tell you, it's a breeze to play, especially if you're already well-acquainted with other games by NetEnt. The betting range is quite flexible, starting as low as 0.10 coins and scaling all the way up to 200 coins. You have the freedom to adjust both the bet level and the credit value, giving you even more control over your wagers. So whether you're a cautious player or a high roller, Arabian Nights caters to all types of betting preferences.

If you'd rather, you can opt for the "Auto Spin" feature, which allows the game to proceed with equal odds. Once content, just switch over to the Real Cash mode and begin placing bets using Australian currency. It's worth noting that the grand prize isn't arbitrary; it solely hinges on landing 5 Wilds.

Game rules

  • With the exception of the camel, all remaining symbols initiate payouts with a minimum of two combinations.
  • Valid combinations are determined by the order from the left side to the right side.
  • Valid combinations can only be formed by matching symbols on one of the 10 paylines that are set in place.

Signs, Markings, and Financial Transactions

I have recently had the pleasure of exploring the enchanting world of Arabian Nights, an online slot game that takes us on a magical journey. With its 10 fixed paylines, this game follows the traditional format of older slot games, offering a sense of nostalgia and familiarity. As I spun the reels, I encountered a delightful mix of symbols. Some of them were simple letters, representing the low-paying symbols. However, it was the other symbols that truly captured my attention. These symbols, beautifully designed and intricately detailed, depicted the legendary story of the mysterious lamp. Each spin brought forth a new symbol, further immersing me in the allure of Arabian Nights.

Let me tell you about the most exciting feature of this game—it's the scimitar! This incredible weapon can reward you with a staggering payout of up to 2,000 times your initial bet when you land five winning combinations. In comparison, the shoes, which are the second-best symbol, offer a maximum payout of 1,000 times your bet. Sharing the third spot are the lamp, which also serves as the game's Scatter symbol, and the tent, with equal chances to bring you substantial rewards.

In my personal experience, I have found that amidst the numerous symbols present in the game, one stands out as the ultimate symbol of fortune - the Wild. It may be a rare find, but its power is undeniable. Not only does it possess the ability to replace other symbols in winning combinations, but it also has the potential to grant a whopping 2,500 times the initial bet with a mere 4 symbols aligned in harmonious synchrony. Imagine the exhilaration of achieving a 5th symbol on the very same line - that's when the entire jackpot prize falls into the hands of the fortunate player.

Arabian Nights Bonus

Arabian Nights, mate, is more than your average jackpot game, you know? It's got this ripper feature called free spins bonus, which is something you won't find in those classic Aussie pokies. Now, to score that beauty, you gotta snag three of them magic lamps, mate. Those lamps, they're like Scatter symbols in this spiffy NetEnt game, alright?

When I managed to secure those elusive treasures, it was a game-changer. Not only did I scoop a whopping 5 times my initial bet, but I also unlocked the door to a realm of 15 exhilarating free spins. And that's not even the best part! Every single win I scored during those bonus spins was magically tripled, multiplying my excitement and rewards threefold. It was like stumbling upon a hidden treasure trove within the game, where fortune seemed to smile upon me with every spin. The only exception to this incredible multiplier was the grand jackpot prize, which remained a beacon of tantalizing potential just out of my reach.

Exquisite Middle Eastern-themed visuals and breathtaking audio experience of Arabian Nights

The Arabian Nights Australian Dollarly game creates a tranquil atmosphere, reminiscent of a peaceful evening, through its captivating sound effects. The melodic tunes that accompany the free spins bonus add an extra layer of excitement, which is a defining feature of Arabian-themed slot machines. It's as if you are transported to a mesmerizing world, where every spin of the reels is filled with anticipation and potential winnings. The rhythmic beats and enchanting melodies create a delightful experience that truly immerses you in the game. The developers have truly captured the essence of Arabian Nights, making it an unforgettable gaming adventure.

Back in 2005, when it comes to graphics, one should bear in mind that the game was created during that era. Surprisingly, despite its simplistic design, many jackpot games managed to retain their popularity over the years, primarily due to the enticing rewards they offer. An excellent example of this phenomenon is the game Arabian Nights.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly does the term "progressive jackpot" mean?

    The concept of a progressive jackpot implies that the highest reward in a game is not predetermined and increases in size with each player's attempt to win it.

  • Are there any additional rewards or perks available in Arabian Nights?

    Indeed, it is entirely achievable to secure a magnificent bounty of fifteen complimentary spins, accompanied by a tripled win multiplier, by successfully aligning three enchanting magic lamp symbols on the reels.

  • Which individuals have the ability to participate in Arabian Nights?

    To place any kind of wager, individuals must be of legal age, which is 18 years or older.

  • What is the procedure for cashing out your winnings in this particular game?

    The balance of the casino you signed up with will be promptly updated with any winnings you receive.

  • What are the steps for playing on mobile devices?

    Nowadays, every online casino offers a mobile-friendly version. Simply log in, access your favorite game, and start playing!